Deep Learning

Sklearn Confusion Matrix Machine Learning Tutorial

A confusion matrix is a method of summarizing a classification algorithm’s performance. It is simply a summarized table of the number of correct and incorrect predictions. As you know in supervised machine learning algorithms, we train the model on the training dataset and then use the testing data to make predictions. For the regression model, …

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What Is Machine Learning Used For?

When most Americans hear the phrase Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning they immediately think of “Sky Net”, “The Matrix”, or “iRobot”. The inevitable battle of Man vs. Machine… Yet, most people aren’t fully aware of what machine learning is, how it affects their day-to-day lives, or even how it can benefit them. Machine Learning is …

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Classify Handwritten-Digits With Tensorflow

Can a machine classify handwritten digits better than the human brain? Let’s see if Convolutional Neural Networks can give us some insight into this matter, then we’ll let you be the judge. To add some context for Convolutional Neural Networks, we’ll begin the tutorial with a practical example of a neural network. A Convolutional Neural …

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