What Is YouTube And How Does It Work?

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/28/22 •  4 min read

As many of you may already know, YouTube has become the most popular video playback platform on the internet. It would not be wrong to say that it is number one when it comes to audio visual material. Well, it has been shown to date, surpassing any competitor that comes along. Being twitched the only platform that can rival the titan of Google. However, if you have reached this post, it is probably because you do not know exactly what YouTube is or how it works. Which we will answer in great detail in this article, so you can take your first steps on the platform.

To begin with, we are going to make the answer to the first question clear in a more “technical” way… What is YouTube? YouTube is a web platform which allows you to upload and share videos across the internet. In it you can find everything from movie clips, music videos, series and amateur content created by platform users. Which range from video reactions, logs, blogs Xing, gameplays and much more. YouTube stands out for being the birthplace of internet stars, as it was the first platform to create the phenomenon of influencers. And with it all the vitalization of audio visual content on the internet.

YouTube started as an independent company, until it was acquired by Google. And to date this has become one of the most powerful tools of the internet giant. Arriving at will be on par with social networks such as Facebook, Amazon and Twitter.

How does YouTube work?

To understand how this platform works, everything could be divided into three elements. Which we consider to be the “Trident” to understand how YouTube works and how you can start uploading content on the platform. Of course, here we will ignore the fact that it is essential to have a Gmail account with a channel created. Well, from the start, it is logical that you will need one.

Have a good idea.

For starters, you can’t start a YouTube channel without even stopping to think first about what do I want to do? If your answer is only to see the content that others publish. So just by having your account created you already have the work done. However, if your intention is to be a content creator. You must be very clear about what you are looking for with your channel and how you will do it.

Upload gameplays; make opinion and criticism videos, reviews, humorous videos, upload animations. There is really no limit on uploading to the platform. As long as it does not violate any of its rules and is appropriate content for all audiences. If your idea fits into that framework, you already have the first step ready.

Learn basic video editing.

Any YouTube or person who intends to start using this platform. You should know that video editing is an essential requirement. Well, since these are pre-recorded videos, it is always good to dedicate some production to the material. In order to deliver something much more elaborate and interesting for your audience. In this way, you not only guarantee higher quality in your works, but also correct any imperfection that the material may have prior to its publication.

As for editors, it should be said that YouTube has one integrated, although it is not exactly the best. In fact, it is not widely used by users and is usually limited to being required when a copyright infringement occurs and you need to remove a certain part of the video.

Even so, it is best to go to external software, such as Fillmore, fantasia studio or Sony Vegas pro (to mention some popular PC editors). Or download a mobile video editor, which turns out to be quite practical. We particularly recommend you to get “Ninja Motion”.

Understand how the “YouTube Creators” works.

To finish, we want to talk about YouTube creators. Which is the “Administration Window” that gives us the platform to manage our channel? Offering all kinds of useful information for the analysis and growth of the channel… Information that ranges from statistics, status of the channel in terms of infractions, recommendations. And of course all the power to manage actions such as deleting, hiding and publishing videos. Without mentioning that it is there where you can see which videos are monetized and which are not.

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