What Is Vectra? – Online Vector Graphics Editor.

Vector editing becomes more and more an essential necessity if you want to be a good graphic designer. Regardless of what your specialization is, sooner or later you will need to resort to the use of these tools. Mainly due to its great versatility when making illustrations, icons or isotopes for brands and logos. Working with strokes with vectors is extremely simpler than with pixels, and throughout this post we will share a tool that is worth knowing. Vectra is an online vector editor, yes online, so you will not need a super computer to use this web app.

This article will serve as an introduction and at the same time a review of this tool, so that after reading it, you yourself can draw conclusions about whether or not it is worth acquiring it. We’ll be highlighting both the pros and cons of Vectra, so you’re guaranteed a full review. With that said, let’s cut the chitchat with this introduction and get right into the article.

Advantages of using Vectra.

Let’s start with the good things that Vectra has to offer for vector work:

  • As it is a web application, it means that you will only need a compatible browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera are some of the browsers compatible with Vectra). And of course, internet connection.
  • Friendly interface. Little is said about how important the interface is in a program or application. It is the design and structure of an interface that can determine the learning curve with the tool. In the case of Vectra, you won’t even need manuals to learn how to use it.
  • Fast and efficient. Made for us to focus on work, without presenting obstacles or slowness due to the lightness of the software.
  • Free. Of course, it is possible to enjoy all the functions available in the program completely free of charge. You won’t have to take a single penny out of your pocket to use Vectra.
  • Share projects. You can send the URL of the project you’re working on in Vectra to another user or friend. In this way, as a team you can work on the same document or share it with your clients just to see the result.

Those are each of the positive points that we were able to gather from Vectra in our research and use. It is undoubtedly a very practical and functional tool, ideal for beginning designers or for quick projects.

Software Disadvantages.

Unfortunately nothing is perfect in this life, and Vectra is no exception to that rule. Below we will list each of the disadvantages that we could find of the web application:

  • It does not have a form creator. There is a feature or tool called “shape builder” which is implemented by adobe illustrator. This is considered a crucial tool for graphic design, and if a vector editor does not have it, it will unfortunately fall short of the competition, that is the case with Vectra.
  • Not suitable for professionals. It is a tool that lacks several functions that provide the possibility of carrying out more complex projects or with a greater degree of detail. Which means the results will be less professional to others.
  • No desktop version. Being an online tool can mean an advantage or a disadvantage depending on the user. It is true that the possibility of using it online is much more practical and simple; however not having its desktop version makes it less attractive. That means Vectra has a heavy reliance on having an internet connection, without it, you’re toast.

Those are each of the most significant drawbacks we could find of the app. In itself it has more benefits than inconvenience, but its limitations may be its biggest Achilles heel.


In general, Vectra is a good tool; it meets the most basic of vector editing software. However, it is a program that is doomed to be inferior to other options on the market. Mainly due to the lack of multiple tools and functions that help a lot in vector projects. I would say that it is a web app designed to carry out projects that are not very complex or to make quick edits from the browser.

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