What Is Telegram?

Many times we need to find alternative applications to the best known. Like for example Facebook, integral, or even what Sapp, either because these networks sometimes suffer from crashes, or because we simply want to explore what lies beyond. Whatever the case, today we want to present what is undoubtedly the biggest What Sapp competition, Telegram.

Telegram has been growing by leaps and bounds in recent years, especially in the world of finance and communities. Since due to its characteristics, it lends itself to being a better environment with which to have contact with large communities. In fact, if you had to make a comparison in terms of functionality and technology between both instant messaging applications. Telegram would destroy what Sapp for everything that can be done and implemented. However, the crown continues to belong to the green messenger due to its great popularity in the general public.

Throughout this article we will not only explain some of the advantages and unique functions of Telegram, but we will also show you how to download the application on your device. From now on you may find a new app with which to communicate with your friends.

Advantages of the app.

Let’s start this article by letting you know what would be the advantages of having telegram installed on your device. After all, it is the benefits of using an alternative app that will make us opt for it, or if, on the contrary, continue with what Sapp:

  • Cloud viewing. Telegram has a function that amazes everyone who tries it. This is the ability to view images and videos without downloading them to your device. Since by staying connected to the internet, it will be possible for you to view and share images within the app. This is a positive point since the use of telegram will not fill the storage space of the mobile with images.
  • Infinite groups. Another advantage that Telegram has is the possibility of creating group chats with an infinite number of members. This solves another of the problems that What Sapp has, since the group chats there do have a limit.
  • Desktop version. Just as there is what Sapp web, telegram also has the possibility of installing them on computers. Serving well as a desktop application. Enjoy telegram both on your mobile and on your computer.
  • Greater privacy. Facebook (current owners of what Sapp), have questionable precedents in terms of privacy. Telegram is positioned as a much earlier option and from which there is no risk of extracting your information.
  • Use of Bots and better community management. Telegram groups are a much more efficient and improved version in terms of community management. The app itself gives you many more options to have better control or moderation of the groups.

In our opinion, these are the main advantages that Telegram has over its competition. Or at least the ones that allow it to stand out from the rest of the instant messaging applications.

How to install Telegram?

Now that you know what Telegram is and what its main advantages are, it is normal that the next question that arises is: How do I install it on my devices? The answer to this question is extremely simple. To begin with, if what you want is to enjoy Telegram on your Android or is device, you just have to locate it in the app store corresponding to each system.

Once they are located, the next step is to download and install the app like any other. As we well know, the installation is done automatically, although the first time the app is opened, it may ask you for some usage permissions (such as permissions to use the camera).

As for its desktop version, you can download and install it through the official website, using the following link (click here). You will have two options available, the first being the installer, and the second being the portable version. The one difference that one has over the other is that the portable will not need to be installed. In fact, just downloading and linking with your mobile will be enough.

In conclusion, Telegram is an instant messaging application with great potential and future, and one that will continue to grow as it has been doing. It is not surprising that in the future it will be able to relegate what Sapp as the most popular instant messaging app.

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