What Is Pokémon Uniting?

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 07/22/22 •  5 min read

Pokémon Unite. Being the sensation of video games since it was announced, a great emotion was formed because of the images that Nintendo published about the game, it surprised many gamers or video game lovers. In itself, it is normal for the Pokémon franchise to extend into several areas so as not to stay in one, which is a rig. Since today there are many spin offs (They take the essence of the game, that is, characters, and put them in another environment.

A great example is Pokémon Pinball. Coming out on the old Gameboy handheld. They took the idea from a simple pinball game, only added Pokémon’s.

From there, cards came out to be able to play with other people. Fighting games like Street Fighter, a game where you have to take pictures of the Pokémon. A game where you have to take care of a Pikachu as if it were a dog. And etc.

Currently, they decided to take a bit of a risk in order to jump into the Moab video game genre. Genre where League of Legends dominates this category of video games.

What is a Moab?

Being simple, it is where 6 or 5 players must choose different characters that belong to roles such as Tank, Mage, ADC (or Shooter), Jungle and Support. To then be on a map where the main objective is to destroy a line of 3 towers. In order to destroy the central tower.

Each character must fulfill the assigned role in addition to being very careful, since an error could harm the game. Because all the games are against another group of players.

For example, the tank should be the team’s shield and take most of the damage. The mage and the ADC should be a bit behind doing as much damage as possible. The support must take care of the whole team, and the Jungle, in addition to killing the bugs that are in the jungle part of the map. You must also kill the enemy ADC, Mage, Jungle or Support, so that the Team Fight is in favor of your team. And so they can destroy the towers.

And so all the video games under the Moab genre are based on the whole little summary you just read.

What is Pokémon Unite?

After reading the previous point. You will already know how this will go; basically it is a game where 5 players must use several Pokémon’s that the developers added to the game. And the goal is to score the most points.

How do you get the points? Defeating the Pokémon’s that are on the map. Also the special Pokémon’s, since at the top and bottom of the map, 2 Pokémon’s will appear. One that gives experience to the team that defeated him and some shield, and another that when you reach a base, the time to score the points will be reduced to 0.

And with the towers it is not the only difference that this game has. It is also that the games will last 10 minutes. There is also another game mode which is “Rapid” and as its name says, the games will last 5 minutes. Also, it will be easy to level up, and the legendary Pokémon Zippos will appear more frequently.

Currently this game only belongs to the Nintendo Switch console, and to mobile IOs and Android.


Although Pokémon Unite continues to keep Pokémon of the Tank, Mage, ADC and Support types. The Jungle type is still there, but it doesn’t cause as much impact. Since the matches last 10 minutes, the size of the map was affected, making it easy to find the enemies. In fact, anyone can start and defeat the Pokémon’s who give the blue and red power up. To then start helping the area above or below.

The Pokémon’s who enter the role of “jungle” are those that in their Unite license are in blue. Belonging to the agile.

The ones with the red license are the attack Pokémon’s, both magical and physical.

Green belongs to defense or tank Pokémon.

Orange is for support type Pokémon.

And purple is for the balanced.

And as the name suggests, these have decent stats, and come in handy on the battlefield.

When choosing a Pokémon before the Pokémon Unite game and you go to the preparations tab, you will see where the game recommends that your Pokémon have to go. It does not hurt to follow the suggestion. Since with this both zones will be balanced when it comes to defending, and it only depends on the jungle choosing a zone to help, or someone on the enemy team making a mistake.

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