What Is Movavi? – Video Editor.

Editing multimedia content is becoming more and more of a necessity. That at least if you are a content creator, because with networks like YouTube or tic took itself, they offer us an approach to this means of creative expression. There are many video editors; just put the right words in Google and the number of results will overwhelm you. However, it is not about looking for any video editor, but one that fits our needs and knowledge. That is how Movie presents itself to us.

This video editor has many things to offer us as users. Whether you are a beginner or someone with some experience, I guarantee that you will find what you are looking for here. All covered with a layer of simplicity and friendly interface that gives us greater development in the domain and learning of the tool. In this how-to post, we want to not only introduce this software, but also discuss some of its features and benefits, which may tip the balance when deciding whether to purchase Movie or not.

Publisher features.

We will save ourselves from explaining what a video editor is, since we consider that the subject is self-explanatory. However, what we will do is comment on some of the main features of Movie.

  • It has a full range of modern video effects.
  • Titles. Add dynamic (animated) titles to your videos, ideal for eye-catching presentations.
  • Green screen. The green screen has become an impossible tool to ignore. With this function practically nothing becomes impossible to do, montages, special effects and backgrounds with green screen.
  • Audio editing and synchronization. It is not possible to call only the images audio visual material, the audio editing is also important.
  • Let’s change the subject, but let’s do it with style. Change takes with a wide range of transitions.
  • Cut, paste, split. Fundamental tools for video editing, obviously Movie does not leave them out.
  • Full compatibility. Whether you’re a Windows or Mac user, don’t worry, Movie is on both platforms.

If even with all that said it seems little to you, when you buy the software you receive full access to the Movie effects store. An exclusive online store for this software, which will allow you to acquire a multitude of effects and more resources for your videos.

How do I download Movie Video Editor?

The download and installation process for Movie is extremely simple. In fact, all you have to do is access the official website (click here) and from there you can get the software. Its weight is around 123mb and you are only going to need an installer to get hold of the product. It is also important to register on the movie platform, which you can also do from the website itself. This registration is important due to the fact that in order to use it you will need to pay for the program.

Although you can use Movie for free, this will only be for a short period of time (30 days exactly). To enable all the functions of the program and have it permanently, you must purchase its use license. Currently the price of the software is about 40.95 euros. Is it worth paying for it? In my opinion, yes, every penny. However, I recommend you first try the 30-day version and, if you find it comfortable and useful, buy the full software.

Other tools and software.

We also recommend you take a look at the other tools offered by the movie developers. Especially the ones included in the movie video suite. A package that includes not only the video editor, but also a multimedia format converter and a screen capturer for your PC. It’s basically a package with everything you need to produce high-quality videos. You can purchase this suite for just a few extra euros.

Even if image editing is your thing, this company also has its own image editor and photo retouched. Although yes, this editor in my opinion lacks greater depth. It’s good for certain types of work, but I think that Movie’s strength is in audiovisual editing.

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