What Is Mega And How Does It Work?

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/28/22 •  4 min read

There are many online file storage platforms on the internet. Among the most popular would be Google Drive, Media fire and of course Mega. Being the latter the one that brings us together today in this entry. Well, Mega has become the download server par excellence for many. Not only because of its simplicity and interface (which is very nice and intuitive). But this server knows how to get the most out of your internet speed. Being able to download files using the maximum download speed you have available.

Mega is the successor to the late “Mega upload”. Previous online storage and download service that led the internet. But that for various legal problems (Mostly related to piracy). Mega upload had to close its doors, to return a few years later as MEGA, this time correcting the problems that led to its closure.

As it is a service that today could be considered as “indispensable”, given the amount of digital files we use. We consider it appropriate to know in detail what this server offers and understand how it works. In order to take advantage of it on our own and in a certain way. Facilitate or resolve some of our storage or download problems.

How does Mega work?

If your intention is to start using mega, you must first understand how it works. And what exactly can be done with them. Mega being an online storage service, its functionality could be summed up in two tasks… Upload files to the cloud (internet) and download files from the internet.

As a storage service.

If we want to use it as a storage service, either to back up photos, videos, documents, programs, etc… Or simply as a safer way to save files other than from a USB (Since these are very prone to virus infections)). The only thing you are going to need is to register on the Mega platform. And then choose one of the storage plans that the service has.

It is worth mentioning that not all plans are paid, in fact mega has a basic download plan. Which gives you 50GB of free storage? Being a higher figure than its competitors. Well, to date, there is no other storage service that offers such an amount for free. Of course, you must choose which plan suits your needs.

With the chosen plan, you will have access to your storage folder. And from there upload all the files you want. You can even organize them by subfolders, so that you have everything more organized. Also say that those same files can be shared with your friends, through a download link or URL.

Mega as a download service.

If you intend to use mega solely as a download server. The process is much simpler, since the only thing you will need is to have at your disposal the URL of the file that you are interested in downloading. To give you an example, on the internet there are many pages from which you can download series, movies and video games. And generally these platforms usually use mega as a download server.

The case is that by having the download URL of a file uploaded to mega. You can start the download process of it by simply pressing the “Download” or “Download” button. Keep in mind that in order to download files in the same way you need to have a registered mega account. Well, otherwise, you will only be able to download 100mb and if the file in question exceeds that amount. Obviously you won’t be able to get him…

Another thing to keep in mind is that files that exceed 1.5GB in weight. They cannot be downloaded directly if you are a mega free plan holder. Since their service limits downloads to only 1.5GB, which means that after that amount, you will have to wait about 4 hours and then continue with the process right where it left off. This is solved if you get a payment plan, it can be any of those presented.


After everything mentioned, we believe that it has become clear what mega is and how it works. However, you have to keep in mind that this service has more functions and includes certain details that make it stand out from others. However, we have focused on the most essential functions of the service, which are summarized as uploading and downloading files.

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