What Is Inker? – Vector Editing Software.

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/31/22 •  4 min read

Today we want to write a little review and recommendation to the vector editing software, Inker. Which I have been testing these last few weeks and the truth is, it turns out to be extremely good. Enough to be able to make professional illustrations or, as in my case, practice lettering. What has led me to want to share this program is how inexpensive it is. Being able to serve as an alternative to much more expensive vector editing software.

The price of inker is only $10, and you can buy it from the Google play store, or if you have a MAC. You can download and install it on that computer. Of course, this affordable price is mainly due to the fact that the program discards some functions that other more professional vector editors have. As can be the case with Gravity designer or Adobe Illustrator, but as I mentioned at the beginning, it is possible to reach a level of professional illustration if you dedicate enough time and practice to it.

If you are a Windows user, don’t worry, you can purchase the software through a desktop installation using Google chrome. So in the end you can comfortably use the program on that operating system. That doubt clarified; let’s start with the review…

Advantages of using inker.

Let’s start by talking about the good that this application or software offers us. For this we have decided to list each of its advantages in a descriptive list:

Those are the main advantages that I have been able to find from this tool. As for its disadvantages, honestly I have not been able to find any important ones. Perhaps its Achilles heel is its own simplicity, which as I mentioned, inker sacrifices some features in favor of being easier for its users to learn.

How to download and install the program?

As I mentioned before, inker is cross-platform, which means you can get hold of it on multiple computers. Being more precise: Android, MAC, Windows and web browsers. Below I will explain how to download and install inker according to the system you have.


Now to close this entry, I can conclude that inker is an excellent application and vector editor. Ideal for beginners and hobbyists of digital illustration, for graphic designers, poster artists and basically anyone who wants to start using a vector editor. If you’re looking for a tool with more depth or complexity, I’m afraid inker isn’t for you, but if not, it’s great.

Tanner Abraham

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