What Is I Cloud And What Is It For?

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 09/06/22 •  7 min read

Not long ago, Apple had the brilliant idea of ​​​​updating the operating system of the incredible is 5 platforms. This platform has a unique tool, and this is cloud. This new system facilitates quick and easy storage in the cloud, and this tremendously allows users to enter it with various devices such as a desktop computer, an iPhone, an iPod, among others.

Here we will leave you everything related to the instructions for use, and what cloud is for. Also practical tips for its use, and also tools that you must take into account, to be able to use this new and magnificent tool.

What do you need

What do you need to know about cloud?

We have created this series of numbered tips, so you have an idea of ​​what this spectacular platform is all about:


Step by step learn to manage cloud

For when you decide to access the cloud platform, here are some simple instructions:

  1. To start using cloud you just have to download the iOS5 platform, and also update your device.
  2. This service is similar to how Microsoft’s SkyDrive works or the integration of Picasa, Google Docs, Calendar, Gmail and other Google services on Android.
  3. Cloud was created for users who have Apple devices, and it is synchronized with the programs designed by this prestigious company.
  4. All of this prompts the cloud interface to change, but this will depend on whether your Apple ID is connected to Apple devices, such as an iPod or an iPhone.
  5. In order for cloud to sync all your Apple devices, it will do so by connecting them with the same ID address.
  6. To do this, it stores all your email content, contacts, applications, calendar, and photos, among others. This will make it easier for you to have access to your content from all your devices.
  7. This platform also brings an iced drive with which you can store text files, spreadsheets and also presentations. You can also access them from anywhere you are, and you can also edit them online.
  8. Cloud gives you the ability to create documents using virtual versions of Page, which is similar to Word, or Numbers, which is similar to Excel.
  9. On the page where the name of your account is located, you must click on it, the menu will be displayed there and you will be able to enter the cloud configuration; there you will also log out when you finish your work.
  10. Apart from Apple’s Page program for creating text, and the Numbers program for spreadsheets, Apple has also designed a note-taking program called Keynote. In cloud you will find these programs with which you can create or edit your files.
  11. By having your cloud account synchronized with your Apple devices, you have the option of locating your mobile devices such as iPhone or iPod with it. If you want it to work, you must activate the location service of your equipment.
  12. In cloud you can view the configuration of the space and content available in the cloud.
  13. You should also remember that you have 5 GB free which you can expand by buying some of the additional plans.


Summary of the benefits of using cloud

Next we will leave you the summary of the benefits of using the wonderful cloud tool, so that you can learn more quickly to know it:

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