What Is Alexi And What Is It For?

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/24/22 •  5 min read

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has launched products that have marked a before and after in the market. In addition, it is the absolute leader in e-commerce worldwide, a position that has been further strengthened since it decided to bet on voice assistants. Your Amazon Alexi has become one of the best options on the market and preferred by millions of people.

Amazon Alexi: What is it and what is it for?

Surely you have heard of this at some time, but you do not know what Alexi is and what it is for, so we are going to explain it to you so that you have all the information you may need about it.

Alexi is an intelligent, electronic voice assistant. Through it, users can control different devices and equipment or simply consult what they want through voice commands. These instructions are received by the device called “Echo “, which acts as a speaker in which Alexi is integrated.

This device is constantly tracking the voice until it detects that the user has said “Alexi “. Amazon has thought about the sound of the letter “X”, which is a very strong and unusual consonant, to make it easier for the speaker to recognize that the user is addressing it. At that moment the listening is activated and it starts to work.

Its technology is directly connected to Amazon’s internet services. This ensures that you can enjoy a high-quality service.

Alexi features

Alexi has different functions that are based on two fundamental elements. On the one hand, there are the voice commands that the system integrates and that allow access to numerous requests. In addition, then there are the so-called skills, which are the plugins that can be installed to enjoy additional functions.

Among the functions that you can enjoy thanks to Amazon Alexi are the following:

Alexi compatibility with other devices

There are different devices with which the Alexi assistant can be used. This technology is capable of connecting with other devices in the home to create an intelligent network.

This will allow you to turn lights on and off, turn security cameras on and off, turn on televisions, computers or appliances. It works with various appliances from the Amazon Basics line such as microwaves, wall clocks, surveillance cameras, smart plugs, and thermostats.

In addition, it also works with devices from other brands of televisions, smartphones, etc. The possibilities are many and varied, so you can enjoy a voice assistant that has become one of the best options on the market.

The most outstanding features of Alexi

Alexi has become one of the best voice assistants, which is determined by its ability to adapt to new functions just by installing a skill.

It is also possible to have greater control over different devices in the home, thus being able to enjoy an intelligent environment that is very comfortable to handle. In addition, you can buy online much faster and more comfortably, through Alexi.

Alexi Skills

Alexi skills an application that can be installed on the voice assistant. The purpose of these is to increase the functions of the voice assistant; they are extra skills that can be added just by downloading and installing them.

It is a package of functions that try to respond to different needs and requirements in order to work better with different equipment or appliances.

For example, if you buy a smart refrigerator that shows you the stored products, you can ask Alexi from your mobile and find out what you have in it, so that when you make your purchase you know exactly what you are missing. However, to receive this response you need Alexi to have that skill installed.

However, its installation is very simple, since you only have to enter the Amazon store from the assistant app and search for the desired one. Skills are divided into a total of 23 different Amazon Skills categories. Among them there are many and very varied to meet the needs of the vast majority of users, most of the most popular being those related to food.

This is because you can receive step-by-step narrated instructions and recipes at all times while you cook, without having to do the research yourself or read pages of a book or a website. And the same thing happens with many other tasks and activities, which are simplified with the use of the Amazon voice assistant.

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