What Does Discord Offer?

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/17/22 •  4 min read

Everyone must have heard or know what Discord is. It is one of the best platforms to communicate with friends who are far away, being able to talk to them by message, by voice.

This platform is ideal for people who are fans of video games, in order to create a video game community so that players can meet other players like them and have a fun time.

It also works for video games that have a clan system, so that members can access the clan server based on the link they left in the video game clan, and thus be able to know what the administrators and the clan leader will do, also to be able to talk to them calmly. Thanks to this, Discord became the best platform to be able to communicate with different people no matter how far away, all you need is for the person to have a decent internet connection in order to enjoy the service, which by the way is completely free. .

Being available on Mac is Linux, Android and Windows platform. In this article I am going to point out some things that this platform offers.

Add friends and create/join servers

The most common way to add someone to this platform is to simply enter the person’s username and the 4 numbers. In the person’s account next to the username, you will see a series of 4 numbers. For the request to be sent, you need the username and the 4 number of the person so that the request is sent, that is why you do not have to put too strange names, and this is a good way so that the process is not length. Unless they are on a server with that person, there you only have to go to the profile and that’s it, they reduce the process quickly.

And with the servers, you can join one via an invitation, the leader, administrators or members of which are allowed, they can create a temporary invitation or that never expires so that more members can join, to make it more comfortable, is better to create an invitation link so that you only have to copy and paste.

The leader or allowed members can create and modify either chat or voice channels. Being able to change the name of the channel, make the channel allowed for certain roles, etc.


The creator of the server is the one who has all the permissions, and to separate the members by their different roles, the creator can create them. You just have to go to the server configuration, and by accessing the “roles” part you can create and modify roles, making the members of which you have more confidence and see that they meet the requirement that they can help you control the server, promote them to the administrator role, and so, also when creating the role you can assign the name of that role, making your imagination expand.

Think carefully about which roles will have the permissions and which will not, and when choosing who will have the big roles, try to be of good trust, so that you can maintain good harmony on the server and strange things do not happen.

As I mentioned before, roles also allow members to access exclusive chats for exclusive roles.


These help make the discord server more comfortable, there are the basics, like the bots that welcome you and goodbye to members, the bots that serve for voice channels and play any music or video as long as you write good command.

There are also weird but awesome bots, like a Bot that lets you play Pokémon, a Bot that posts memes, and a Bot that ranks you up when you’re active on the server and interacting with users.

To add them to the server you just have to search for them on the internet, they are easy and the list is long of bots for your server

All you need to do is search the list of discord bots you’re interested in, and when you find one you’d like to see on the server, you just invite them. The only thing you must have is that your email address is verified. And that’s it; you just have to have a channel that is ideal for bot commands so as not to disturb general chats

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