What Are the Best Puzzle Apps

The puzzles. Some people have been able to play these games, the best known are in toys. Especially for young children as they help work on their brains to figure out how to solve the game. That is what the objective of these games is for, in order to know how good intelligence and mental agility you have. And so you can improve it. In addition to being able to feel some satisfaction when finishing a puzzle. It is an incredible thing to feel as you were able to complete something that has been too difficult for you. The only bad thing is that when you finish the puzzle, you won’t be able to go to the next level since it was only created to be played once.

And this is where you will see a big difference in mobile apps. And it is that they not only designed it to play it once and that’s it. It comes with loads of levels as well as different levels of difficulty, so that the fun goes on too long. And there are even several games that are constantly updated. Adding new levels.

That is why in this article you are going to know about some puzzle apps. So without anything else to add in this introduction, let’s start with the article.


  • Cut the rope: You probably already know this great game. In this we have to cut the ropes where one of them has a candy, and our goal is to take the candy safe and sound to where the little monster Om Nom is so that he eats it and you can complete the level. Also, if you can notice in the levels, there are about 3 stars. It has its great difficulty in collecting the 3 stars, since you must think carefully about cutting the rope and when you will do it in order to collect them all and thus pass the level with the 3 stars. Making you think twice. The good thing about this is that it has 425 levels, being different from the other and with more difficulty as you progress through the game.
  • Where’s My Water? Being one of the best Disney apps at the time. It’s about how we have to take the water to a pipe so that the alligator can take a bath. To do this, you must slide your finger to open a dig in the earth so that enough water can reach the end and thus complete the level. Like the previous game, there are about 3 rubber ducks here. Representing the stars, and you must touch them with the water long enough to obtain it. Getting extra rewards, but they don’t affect the game. As you progress through the game. Several extra obstacles and ways will appear where you must use them in your favor in order to reach the goal. In the obstacles is the polluted water, which, when touching clean water, spoils. You must be careful.

More applications

  • Lara Croft Go : In this game, you will have to control the popular character Lara Croft, on a kind of board and you will have to avoid being caught by enemies on the board and traps. It’s basically like chess. Where the games have a turn system. So it is recommended that you think well before making your move so as not to lose.
  • Belk: Known as an original puzzle game. Try that you must form a single line, which must touch all the colors that are on the screen. And your obstacle, which will prevent you from winning the level, is that you must avoid touching the black ones at all costs.
  • Dark Echo: This kind of horror and puzzle game. You will have to survive 80 levels and you must use the visualized sound to guide you to where the path is. It is a good game, and I recommend you to try it as it is very interesting.


You may find the list a bit short, but the reason I did that is because I just wanted to mention a few that I found interesting. And this does not mean that they are the only ones out there. The amount that is in the play store is incredible, so maybe you will have a good time trying many apps.

Also, it’s good as you will be able to play several different puzzles. Getting your brain conditioned and feeling a kind of fresh air. There are several on this list of which are not free to download. Meaning that you will need money in order to play them.

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