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Twitch is a popular streaming content platform. Through it, it is possible to enjoy all kinds of content through the internet and live, a platform that belongs to the e-commerce giant Amazon and that offers great entertainment proposals to users, mainly focused on the gaming world.

Through this platform it is possible both to be part of the audience by viewing the content that other users publish and broadcast; how to become a  streamer and be the one who is in charge of creating them. However, this time we are going to explain how to download Twitch on your mobile devices and tips to get the most out of this platform that offers enormous possibilities to all those who want to use it to entertain themselves.

Twitch has managed to become one of the great alternatives to other platforms such as YouTube, managing to monopolize some of the most popular streamers in the world.

Download Instructions and Tips

Knowing how to download Twitch is not complicated at all, since the procedure to carry it out is identical to what you can do for any other application. In general, regardless of whether you want to see its content on an is device or on an Android terminal, all you have to do is go to their respective application stores.

How to download Twitch on an Android mobile

If you want to download Twitch on a mobile device, be it a tablet or smartphone, with the Android operating system, the procedure to follow is as follows:

  1. First of all, you must take your smartphone or tablet and go to the Google application store, that is, to the Play Store.
  2. Once you are in it, you must go to the search button to be able to enter the keyword and thus find the application among its thousands of apps. In this case you will enter « Twitch » and click on search.
  3. By doing so, a list will appear with the matching results, and you must click on the official application, which will take you to its file in the store itself. From there you can proceed to download it.
  4. When you have clicked on the download button, the process will start and you will only have to wait for it to automatically do so and install on your device.
  5. Once installed you can open the app and start enjoying all the contents of the platform.

How to download Twitch on an is mobile

In the event that you have an is smartphone, that is, an iPhone, or a tablet (iPod), the download process is also very simple, since it will be enough to follow these steps:

  1. First you have to access the is application store, for which you will click on the App Store icon on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. By doing so you will access said store, where you will have to click on the button located at the bottom right of the screen, called Search.
  3. This will take you to the window where you can enter the keyword for the app search. In this case you will have to enter « Twitch».
  4. When you do, you will see the matching results listed. Select the official application of the platform and access its file. From there press the download button.
  5. Once done, you will only have to wait for the download and installation to finish, at which point you will be able to start enjoying all the contents that are available in it.

It is also possible to enjoy the platform from desktop or laptop computers; in these it is not necessary to download the application. In them it is enough to access the platform through the web browser, although it is true that there is an official application for Windows, which you can download from the operating system’s application store.

In this way you can have the application more at hand and without having to go to the browser to access the content of your favorite streamers.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

Tips for Downloading and Tips

If you want to get the most out of Twitch, we are going to give you a series of tips and tricks that you can carry out. These can be very useful to you, especially if you have never been part of the platform before.

Follow channels and games

If you have just arrived on Twitch, you should know that one of the first and most recommended steps is that you follow your favorite channels and games. In the event that you choose to follow games, on the main screen of the application you will find a higher priority for this type of content, that is, they will show you broadcasts in which the creators are playing them.

If you follow specific channels, the application itself can notify you when they decide to start streaming, so you don’t miss out on your favorite content creators.

To follow channels you just have to access the one that interests you by clicking on its name and click the Follow button inside the channel. If you want to follow a game, you must go to the Explore section, where you can see all of them. There you must click on your favorite game and you can click Follow on each one’s profile. You can do it with as many as you are interested in following.

Use Theater Mode

One way to fully enjoy the broadcasts of your favorite streamers is to use the so-called Theater Mode. This will allow you to focus on the broadcast itself and leave aside the rest of the elements that are part of the application’s user interface.

To do this, you only have to go to the Theater Mode option that you will find superimposed on the window in which the content is being broadcast. It is represented with a rectangle that has a division of one third. Its icon mimics the game window with a chat.

See old streams

Although one of the great attractions of Twitch is being able to view the content live and be able to interact live with the content creators and with the rest of the audience, it also offers you the possibility of watching old streaming.

In this way, if there is a moment in which there is no creator of your interest or you have simply missed one of their broadcasts, you will be able to see it at another time.

Twitch saves the latest broadcasts from streamers so you can watch them whenever you want. To do this, you only have to enter the channel that interests you and, later, go to the Videos section, where you will find a list with all the past videos that you can see. This is really useful and very comfortable to use.

Use your internal currency and/or subscribe

Although there are dozens of possibilities within the platform, one of them is the use of its internal currency, called Bits. Thanks to them you can send paid messages to content creators and thus give them a reward for entertaining you.

In this way, if you want to thank them for entertaining you, you can send them these payment messages with which you will give them financial compensation. In addition, you can also subscribe to the channel so that it can earn profits with you. In exchange, you will receive an advantage in the form of personalized emesis or freedom from advertising, among others.

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