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Today our mobile devices have become a fundamental tool for anyone. Not just talking in terms of work or entertainment anymore. But also as a tool that allows us to consult any type of information in a matter of seconds. In addition to becoming the main channel or means of social interaction for many through social networks. That is why aspects such as the camera on a mobile are almost as important as its communication options. But do you know which app should accompany your camera? If you don’t know the answer, in Touch retouch you will find it.

With this wonderful app you will be able to edit any type of image that you take with the camera of your smartphone. Or failing that, edit an existing one. Allowing retouching some aspects such as grains, people that appear in the background of the photographs and that we want to cover. Or whatever else comes to mind.

Throughout this entry in don comes, we will deal in detail with each of the functions and possibilities offered by the touch retouch application. In addition to knowing how we can acquire it within our Android devices. In a simple, safe and fast way. If you want to know this app, I think it goes without saying that you have to stay until the end.

What can be done with the Touch Retouch app?

As we have mentioned before, Touch Retouch is an image editing app, and there is a common misconception that these mobile editors are very limited. Of course, they cannot be compared to professional software like Photoshop found on computers. But for simple edits they are more than efficient. Next, we will comment on what you can do with the application, so that you can give yourself a more precise idea of ​​its capabilities.

These are some of its functions, of course commented on in a very superficial way. You have to understand that these apps are not restricted to anything in particular. The real limit is set by you with your imagination and creativity when editing the photos.

The fabulous single flick function.

Just as the app has the typical basic tools that every image editor needs (which are the ones mentioned above). Touch Retouch also puts novel features on your system. Thus being able to achieve much better results than those that can be obtained with an average app.

This is where the single flick function comes in. Which allows you to select a line (or section of the image) and select it in its entirety automatically? Therefore, it is not necessary to be very precise in editing, since the app itself can help you.

Of course, if the application makes a mistake in its selection, one can make adjustments to the selected area before executing any action. Although this may seem absurd, when using an app from a mobile device, having tools like that helps enormously

Facial retouching with Touch Retouch.

Although for some it may seem a bit infamous the practice of doing facial retouching to our own photographs. For the simple fact that an image is being shown that is not one’s own. Despite this, it has become very normal to do it and the truth is that we are not here to judge those who do it.

With Touch Retouch, these types of adjustments can obviously be made, with some practice with the app, we will be able to use its various tools to be able to embellish or eliminate some impurities or defects in the photographs that we take. Either by removing some pimples, blackheads, skin blemishes or by slightly modifying some proportions in the image. Thus achieving the desired result.

It could also be complemented by adding some filters from Integra or with some other app dedicated to it. Since the default app does not have filters, but one can be applied with another application after making the previously mentioned modifications.

How to buy, download and install.

To do this, all you have to do is go to the search bar of the Google play store and type «Touch Retouch». The app will immediately appear among the first download options. However, we will realize that this application is not free and to be able to acquire it, a very low amount must be paid, just 1.93 dollars. Which are equivalent to approximately 1.37 euros?

Once the purchase is made, we only have to wait for it to be installed automatically; you already know that in Android systems this will be done automatically by the mobile.

On the other hand, you can also download the application if you access the following link « Download Touch Retouch for Android «. And we will provide you with the link to the official website of the developers of this app, since we consider the information that they share there to be very interesting, in addition to the fact that they have other very interesting apps (also dedicated to image editing)… « Website from ADVA Soft.”

Learn to use the app with tutorials.

To finish this article, we want to mention that Touch Retouch has a series of tutorial videos that can be accessed from the app itself. Thus being able to have educational material that helps you improve your editing skills using the same environment as the app.

In our opinion, this is a success, since applications generally do not have their own built-in documentation that explains how it works. And less so in a format as practical as tutorial videos, since you can learn about your own use visually.

This is how we end this little article talking about the Touch Retouch app. We hope you find it very useful, not only the article but the application in question. Which is remarkable the approval it has from users, since it has a good rating in the store and a series of positive comments about it.

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