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By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/28/22 •  6 min read

It is no secret to anyone that Android users enjoy a much broader catalog of applications available in the store than is users. Although it is true that some of these applications are not exactly “wonderful”. It cannot be denied that they are more subtle than can be found in the Google play store. And with the leaps and bounds that technology takes over time, the catalog is no longer limited to showing only applications that work from your mobile device. But also extend to other peripherals or external devices. It is in this group where today’s application, torque pro, and comes in.

If I tell you that with this incredible app you can review and evaluate the condition of your vehicle and thus measure its performance. What would you think? … Surely this is something crazy, isn’t it? Well boys and girls. This is not a joke or a lie. Since thanks to the OBD port of our vehicle, this type of check can be carried out through applications installed on our Android phone.

Being torque pro one of those applications capable of giving us a small diagnosis of the operation and internal state of our car, without the need to go to a mechanic.

Throughout this post we will be talking to you in depth about this app and how you can acquire it, as well as commenting on some of its functions. If you want to know torque pro, stay until the end… However, if the topic is not to your liking, we are sure that the next one will be “When to Change the Timing Belt of the Car”. Give yourself a chance; the article in question is not lost. ~

Meet the OBD torque pro app.

With this app, you will be able to see what your car is doing internally in real time. With this you will be able to obtain the OBD fault codes, the performance of the car, make the sensor data known, among many other things. These are just some of the most practical and well-known features of the torque pro app, however we are not lying to you when we say that there is more than just this.

Torque pro was born as a tool to diagnose cars. Using the OBD II system or a bulk adapter that will allow you to connect to the engine of your OBD II management.

In addition, among one of its functions, we can find that the app can use GPS. So that in this way we can provide the trace logs with the logging engine. So that in this way you can see what we do at any time or moment of the day. In addition, it also allows you to display or be able to reset a DTC, CEL or the error code with a scan tool.

What is the OBD port inside your vehicle and how to find it?

As far as the article is concerned, you have surely noticed that the OBD port has been mentioned on several occasions. Some of you may have no idea what this port is; much less know where to locate it inside the car. To give you an idea, we will explain it in a very simple way…

What is known as the OBD system (which in English comes to mean On Board Diagnostic) and which is Spanish translates as “On Board Diagnosis” (or more or less that’s where it goes). What this system does is check each of the different sensors that are inside the vehicle. System which has been implemented since the eighties and since then it has become an indispensable tool that helps enormously in the work of mechanics.

Knowing that it is the OBD system, we only have to answer the question of where can I find its port inside my car? Well, this varies depending on the car model of course. In some it is below the driver’s steering wheel, in other cases near the cup holder that the driver has on his side. And on rare occasions where the passenger seat is. It’s just a matter of exploring the interior of your transport a bit until you can find the happy port.

How to download and install the application?

Something that is evident on mobile devices is the fact that when it comes to installing a new app, the process is extremely simple. Android, of course, is no exception and in order to acquire torque pro, all we have to do is follow the steps that we will describe below.

  1. Enter the Google play store and find the Torque pro app using the search bar, or alternatively access this link. Which will take you directly to the app « Click here «.
  2. Once there we will realize that the application has a cost of 3.64 dollars. Which in exchange represent about 3.20 euros on average? A really low cost, but its e takes into account how useful it is and not to mention the quality that the app offers in its performance.
  3. Once the purchase is made, our mobile will automatically install the app and we will only have to wait for that process to be completed. It won’t take more than 1 minute.
  4. As a last step (although really until the previous one you will already have access to the app) we want to comment that in order to use it you must connect your mobile to the OBD port of the vehicle. We will deal with this point in detail later.

This is how we can access the torque pro application, we can only comment on how to use it.

Usage and configuration.

To be able to check or review our vehicle with the app, we must first make it connect. Since by default it will not be magically linked to your car. This can be done in many ways, either with a special cable for the OBD port or by wireless means, such as Wi-Fi or tickets. Although it should be noted that these are much more modern functions, so they should be ruled out if you have an old vehicle.

Regarding its configuration or understanding how the app works. Our best advice is to access the official website of the application and go to the help forum if you have any questions. The link is as follows « Torque pro official website «. However, the app is truly intuitive and most likely you will not have major problems with it or its understanding.

This is how we conclude this article, it is worth mentioning that this app will only allow us to check or review the status of the sensors, but this does not mean that you have to take care of your car by yourself. It is always best to go to a trusted mechanic.

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