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Tinder is considered one of the best dating apps of the moment. His arrival a few years ago revolutionized flirting on the internet, since it greatly simplified the concept of meeting unknown people with whom to start a friendship or love relationship, formal or sporadic.

Tinder is available to be used both on mobile phones and tablets, and even from the computer, thanks to which you can get in touch and have dates with people who want to meet others. Mainly the purpose is to have a love or sexual relationship. It is based on getting a “match” with another person, which is nothing more than a mutual interest in getting to know each other.

In this way, it is much easier to flirt, since at the moment that two people “like” the other, it is already understood that there is a certain attraction or interest in getting to know each other.

Its operation is very simple, since when you open the application after downloading and installing it, images of people you may know appear, with two main options: “like” and “reject”, represented with a green tick and a cross red, respectively . Similarly, you can shift the image to the left if you like it and to the right if you don’t.

When two people give each other “green”, that is to say “they like each other”, a match is produced, which is what makes the chat section possible to be able to have a conversation through it.

That said, we are going to explain how to download Tinder as well as some tricks so that you can be more successful on the platform.

Download Instructions and Tips

If you want to know  how to download Tinder on your Android or is mobile device, you should keep in mind that it is a very simple process to carry out. In fact, it will be the same as downloading any other application, so in a matter of just a few seconds you will have it ready to use.

How to download Tinder on Android

Downloading Tinder is very simple, as you can see below:

  1. To download the dating application you have to go to your Android smartphone or tablet and go to the  Play Store application store.
  2. Once you are in it, you must click on the search bar to be able to enter the keyword «Tinder».
  3. Once you have done it, its file will appear on the screen, where you will have to click on  Install to proceed with its download and installation.
  4. In a matter of just a few seconds it will be available on your device. You will only have to open it and register to start using it.

How to download Tinder on is (Apple)

For its part, if you want  to download Tinder on is , that is, for an iPod or an iPhone, the process to follow is just as easy:

  1. You must first access the Apple application store, called the App Store, from your mobile device  .
  2. When you find yourself in it you will have to go to the search section. To do this, click on  Search, on the button that you will find at the bottom right of the screen.
  3. When you are in it you must enter the term «Tinder» so that it throws you the list of matching results. At that moment, choose the official  Tinder Inc. app and you will access its file.
  4. When you are in it, you must click on  Get and the download and installation of the application on your mobile will start.
  5. A few seconds later you can access, register and start using the application.

It is also currently available for use  through a web browser . To do this you will have to access its official website and, without downloading, you will be able to browse online through the platform to flirt. However, this option is mainly reserved for computers, since it is impractical on mobile devices and it is preferable to download the app, much more focused on its use on them.

What do you need to Download and Tips?

Tips for Downloading and Tips

Once you have downloaded  Tinder on your mobile device, you must go through the registration process, where you will need to  create your profile . That this is good is essential to try to get many “matches” with other people, that is, to be able to flirt and meet many more people.

If you want to be successful in the application, you must follow the advice that we are going to give you below. These are some keys that are essential so that you can really take advantage of the platform to flirt.

Use a formal and appropriate profile photo

The first thing you should do is create a profile picture that is suitable for your purpose. It is the main one and the one that the person who sees you in the application will see first. It is very important that it is an  appropriate photo , in which you look good and in which you should avoid any photo with friends or at a party.

It is recommended that you go out alone, with an appearance that shows how you would present yourself on a date. If your first photo likes, you have many more possibilities to connect with other people.

Avoid using all images in the same context

It is highly recommended that you upload several photos to your profile, that you do not use just one. However, it is advisable that  not all of them be in the same context .

Many people use photos in similar contexts, such as party photos or sports photos. This is negative from the point of view that a person who knows nothing about you will create an image of you that will focus on that particular context.

Therefore, it is recommended that you make different publications, with photos in different places or activities. It is not about inventing anything, just taking and uploading photos in your usual activities or chores. In this way you will be transmitting your interests to other people. This will make them get to know you better.

Fill in your description

One of the most common mistakes on Integra is  not filling in the description . This is a bad idea since it is what most people do.

If you have a description, you will release some weight and value to your photographs and this, in some cases, can give you a greater chance of success. It will significantly increase your chances of flirting and connecting with another person.

However, when making the description you should not use it as Curriculum Vitae. You should use it to describe your interests or how you are, trying to launch a message that is as creative as possible and that can capture the attention or interest of other people.

Nor is it about lying or simulating anything, simply making you known in the form of text to attract more attention.

Differential messages

Once you manage to connect with a person, that is, you have had a  match , avoid starting the communication with a “Hello, how are you?” like most do. This will not generate a lot of interest.

Therefore it is advisable that you use an  original different phrase . You can ask the same question in a more creative way or simply look at their photos or description and take the opportunity to send a message about it. You will have a better chance of arousing the interest of another person.

Also, when chatting, try to ask questions that can spark more conversation than just a short answer like “Yes” or “No.” Once you generate a certain conversation with a person and connection, try to move to another platform such as What Sapp, Integra…, where you can continue the same and get to know each other better.

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