The Best Travel Apps for Android

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After having taught you how to make your own travel guide or tell you about the best destinations to travel in Spain , and even to travel with children as a family, it is time to take a step further, and for this reason we bring you  the best apps to travel for Android .

Technology is increasingly present in different aspects of our lives, helping us to make different aspects of it easier to carry out. In the act of traveling, we find that, although it is a great experience, it also requires a great effort if we want to have everything properly planned so as not to have surprises during the trip

The best travel apps for Android

To improve our experience when traveling, it is very useful to use different applications, and in this case we bring you the best travel apps for Android, a selection of applications that will greatly help us when we move from one place to another. Another, either inside or outside the national territory.

My Cloud

Minute is one of the applications that are essential for your Android phone, since it is a meeting point where thousands of people who are used to traveling can share their experiences and also give their recommendations.

In it you can find organized suggestions such as guided visits or tours; and in each of its sections you will be able to find the testimonies of those who have gone to those places or services, so that you will be able to know their evaluations. The same happens with restaurants and accommodation, from which you will be able to discover points of interest that will be of great use to you.


One of the most curious and interesting travel applications that you should consider is flushYou need to accept the GPS to tell you where the nearest restrooms are. Although it may seem like an application without much use, in reality, it is, since you can find yourself at any time with the need to find a bathroom. is a map application that allows you to carry out the download by geographical area, being designed to be used without internet access. This makes it ideal for getting around in those countries where internet access is limited or you have to go through the checkout to enjoy it.

In this way you will be able to know the best route to travel, being able to also choose between layers of different types of establishments. One of its great advantages and for which it deserves to be on the list of the best travel apps for Android is that it is totally free.


Photosynth is a very useful travel application, because thanks to it you can record every experience. Thanks to this useful application for traveling you will be able to create photographic compositions at an angle of 360 degrees.

For this, it is an application that makes use of software that analyzes different photographs of the same landscape in order to; based on this, create a three-dimensional model.

Around me

Around me is an ideal application for those people who are farsighted when traveling. It is of great help in the face of any type of unforeseen event. It has a locator that is capable of being able to identify the place where we are at that moment; and based on this, it offers us different options depending on our needs.

In this way, we will be able to know if we have hotels, theaters, parking lots, hospitals, etc. around us. In addition, opinions from other users will appear which can be of great help to us in making a decision.

SAS Survival Guide

SAS Survival Guide is an original travel application that offers hundreds of survival tips. Although the most common is that you do not find yourself in this type of extreme situation, it is always useful to know some tricks; or at least be aware that you have the capacity to deal with them if necessary.

Duo lingo

Duo lingo is an application that will help you start to study and master the language of the country you are going to visit. It includes short lessons and many different games that you can choose from to learn to read, write and speak a language quickly.

Touch note

Another of the applications to travel that you should know is Touchtonewhich will help you to send postcards to family or friends when you are traveling. With this app you can create our own designs from photos that have been taken by us.

The shipping price is similar to that of buying them on paper and paying for it together with the stamp. The operation is simple and it is enough to enter the application; to then add a text and an address to the image that has been chosen.

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