The Best Productivity Apps for Android

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 07/20/22 •  4 min read

On other occasions we have talked about the best applications to clean the Android phone, the best social network apps or the best photography applications. Now it’s time to do the same with the best productivity apps for Android.

The best productivity apps for Android

Currently, mobile devices have become essential tools in our day to day life to be more productive and make better use of our time. Thanks to these applications we can be more organized and efficient, achieving better results in less time.

There is a wide catalog of productivity applications for Android that we can use, some of them free and others that are paid. In this case, we bring you a selection of the best productivity apps for Android, thanks to which you can make the most of your time and resources.


IFTTT is an application that is created to be able to automate tasks on your smartphone, since it has different predefined applets that are in charge of being able to automate different tasks. In this way it is possible to make backup copies of photos and videos in the cloud; actions related to messaging services; home automation, etc.

In addition to the predefined applets, it has the advantage that users have the possibility to create their own custom tasks. It is, therefore, a great productivity option that allows you to automate tasks so that the time spent on them is much less and can be devoted to other activities.


Taoist is a multiplatform application designed for planning, being a task manager that allows us to organize and prioritize the different tasks and projects to be carried out in a simple way. Thus, you will always have under control the time that you will dedicate and your effort, so that you can know the best time to do your tasks.

In addition, you can simplify the work methodology, linking the app to different services such as calendar, file or mail. Likewise, Taoist helps to prioritize your daily tasks, so that you can increase your productivity. It adapts to the needs of all platforms and integrates with a large number of additional applications.


Trellis is a powerful tool that has been specially designed to be able to carry out work collaboratively, whether for professional or personal projects.

It is a kind of virtual blackboard that is made up of boards that are the projects themselves; and these are made up of different lists and tasks. You can, in this way, assign tasks to different users, as well as create checklists, post comments, add attachments…

An application that is very intuitive and simple, highly customizable and that will help you keep all the activities you have to do under control.

Last Pass

Last Pass is considered one of the best security applications that you can find on the market, since it is a password manager that is responsible for saving the different login credentials of different services and web pages, thus avoiding having to memorize them.

In addition, it allows you to generate secure passwords and also log in much faster. In this way you will be able to save a lot of time when using this application that contributes to achieving an improvement in productivity. It offers a free option and another with a premium subscription that has access to all features.

Google drive

Google Drive is one of those essential productivity applications that we should all have on our mobile device. This Google cloud storage service allows us to quickly and easily download and upload any type of file, in addition to enjoying different collaboration and file sharing functions between users. This makes it possible to work in a comfortable way when developing shared projects.

It has a very interesting folder structure, with quick access to files and their details; as well as the integrated visualization of all types of documents. It can also be used to store photos and videos, being a cloud storage tool that offers many possibilities, both in the Google operating system, where it is considered one of the best productivity applications for Android, and for other operating systems.

Ever note

Ever note is a popular productivity app that you can download for your Android mobile device. This has become one of the main note-taking services, being able to use text and photos, videos and images. These can be organized in cloud notebooks and also synced across different devices.

It is an essential application that should be part of your suite of apps on your Android terminal.

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