The Best Bot for Discord Servers

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/26/22 •  4 min read

In all discord servers there must be one or more bots, in fact, these should never be missing in any server. Since this helps the server itself to be organized, in addition to the members being able to entertain themselves with the bots so they don’t get bored of so much talking, being able to get some laughs, or have fun.

At the end of the day, all Discord servers need the help of bots, since these help to facilitate the task of the admins or moderators a little, they also serve so that the members can entertain themselves with them, and later on your doubt of the as a simple but it can be used for entertainment.

There are a lot of bots for Discord; many of them are the same just improving their efficiency. Others collect various jobs that other bots can only do one, and the rest bring interesting things that it would not hurt to invite them to join your Discord. Which, by the way, the only way for them to enter your server is to search for the bot, enter your Discord account, and invite it to the server you want, and voila, the bot will join and tell you it commands.

Best bots

As there are a lot of bots, it is in this article where I will collect several that I found interesting, anyway, when you search for Discord bots on Google, you will see an official list of bots separated by different categories, and if you like me , on that same page you can invite him to join your Discord.

Dank member

This one could be said to be legendary, since this bot was launched in 2007, and even so it maintained and grew in fame, since this bot not only publishes random memes by simply typing the command in the chat, according to the time they have been adding new commands, having more than 260 commands


If you want the safest and most effective bot to moderate a Discord server, then this is the one, offering more than 250 tools and having a great interface, this bot helps when it comes to ant spam, moderating the server, assigning roles to members, different customizable commands, and of course, you can play music.


If you would like to play an rig in a simple way, then this bot is an excellent choice, it is an rig in text form, keeping to the limitations of the Discord, this rig can be participated by the members of the server, being able to fight with different enemies, complete zones where a boss will wait for the end to have a great battle with him, the rewards are interesting new commands, you can fight in PVP with other members of the same server, improve your character’s equipment, level up. Everything a good RPG should have.

Fred Boat

If you want members to be able to listen to their music quietly, then this bot is perfect. Fred Boat can play any music from Sound Cloud, YouTube, Band camp and even twitch.

All you have to do is enter a voice channel, make the bot join the same voice channel where you are, and write the command next to the music you want to listen to, and the same bot will give you different related results to your search and just by choosing the one you want to listen to, it will play it for you. You can also play playlists and streams.

Server Stats

If you want to see the statistics of your server in a more professional way, then this bot is good for you, it will update you about the members, what game they are in, the roles that are assigned, etc. Basically this bot is good if you want to know much more about your server.


If you want your server to improve socially, this is a good option. This bot helps channels and members stay active, because the more you socialize, you will increase your experience, unlocking new levels. You can build your reputation, and of course give welcome messages to members so that they start to feel more comfortable, it also has a moderation system that is good when using the permission system.

Sure, these bots aren’t the only ones out there. There are other good alternatives that offer the same as the other bots on the list, some have better efficiency, some are the same, and the rest have more features to stand out and not fill the server with bots. Because of course, it’s okay to add bots to the server, but don’t overdo it and add too many.

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