Spottily and What Are Its Functions

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 07/28/22 •  4 min read

It’s no secret that spottily is one of the best services for listening to music. And, above all, legal. By this I mean that you can support your favorite artists in playing their music. Thing that the low platforms do not have. This platform can recommend other artists who are in the same genre that you have been listening to. So that you can extend your playlist, and explore different artists in order to recognize the talent they have or that their music is good.

The music industry is an area too big, and amazing. There are different genres where the artist can stay in one and improve it, or he can risk it in order to explore different types of genres, better known as versatile artists. Of which they can go to any genre without any problem.

In the month of November, it was surprising that spottily is now available for the country Venezuela (and others that were not available). This being the only country in all of Latin America for which this music service was not available since spottily was launched.

With this, it can be said that all of Latin America can use spottily, and with this, I will be able to mention what this application offers.

What does spottily offer?

This famous platform, in addition to being able to search for the artists you want to listen to and save all their music in a playlist, either in its explicit version, or in its censored version (the rude words are removed or changed so that children can listen to it) You can also see which are the artists that are in the reproduction lists of which the platform itself places them, either the most famous, artists that are growing. Or they grab various songs to put them on a designated list, like old but famous songs from the past decade, etc.

You can also activate the karaoke mode, by this I mean that the screen will show the lyrics of the song according to how the artist is singing them. And you will be able to see what the artist’s next verse is so you can be prepared for what you will see next.

You can follow the artists that are your favorites, and see how many views their songs have. The audio quality is good, if not perfect, but that is not very noticeable if you have good headphones.

Also known as Spottily Premium, this service is the same as the free one, only it offers several features that the free version does not have. They are not new things; it is just more comfort and less hassle when listening to your music. The most important ones are:

You are still listening to the same music that is available; by this I mean that both the paid and free version is the entire catalog of music. And there’s no music you can’t listen to unless you pay for the Premium version.

Home of the spottily platform

When you open the platform, you will find the home screen. At first you will see recommendations from different artists that have a certain relationship with the one you are listening to. After that, they will show you famous lists where you can see some artists on the cover of themselves.

After that, they will give you some lists, like perfect lists full of music for training. Some lists that may be according to the mood you are in right now, music to relax. And instrumental music, this refers to music without any lyrics, you can only listen to the beat or the instruments, for this it is called instrumental.


Without a doubt, this is the best streaming service. Being able to listen to the music you want, in the place you want and at the time you want. It can be weird that someone doesn’t have spottily, and if you’re one of those people, it doesn’t hurt to give this music platform a try.

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