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In the changing world in which we live today, many times we do not have the time to do our shopping in a conventional way. We try to find places where quality clothing is sold at affordable prices for the whole family, which meets the basic needs of the consumer. There are online pages which are capable of satisfying the high demands of quality, price and guarantee that your products will arrive in the best condition.

Young people are always looking for the best trends and in many cases they are the ones who set them. That is why these businesses are gaining much prominence among young people more than all teenagers. Women are usually very demanding when buying products online, always getting the best deals with the highest quality. Men and boys are not far behind either, having a special sizes section. That is why she has become a leader in cheap fashion, clothing for today’s woman who wants to dress in the style of tomorrow.

We will explain the correct use of the website, its basic operation and all the considerations that you must take into account when buying on this popular page.

What is Shein?

Also known as She inside. It is a B2C Chinese international trade online store. The company is focused on women’s clothing; however it also offers items for men, accessories, children’s clothing, shoes, bags, among other fashion items.

When you enter the Shein page you will see a section of special sizes, which is positive since it does not exclude anyone. Shein also has a feed where you can see the different looks that you can find on the website, in that section called “Explore”, in which you can like the photos.

In the section you will find different sections, within each one there are photos that represent each section. Example: dresses. If we click dresses, we will see quite real photos of the selected product. If you click on one of the photos, it gives you the option to buy the selected product. You can also upload your own photos. In order to upload photos you must have a Shein account and have purchased before.

If it is your first visit to Shein, a sign will appear where a discount of 5 euros appears. If your intention is to buy on the page, you need to save the discount coupon. Since you know how to enter Shein, you need to visit the page to see what you think.

How to download Shein for Android?

There is also an android application which you can download on your mobile. This page is in rapid growth, it is also very fashionable in all those people who want to dress well and in fashion at a reasonable price for any pocket.

Shein’s market reaches Europe, Australia, America, and the Middle East countries. Currently the brand covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world. It was created in October 2008, with the conviction that everyone has the right to enjoy beauty and fashion. Today Shein is the most important Chinese sales page on earth. It offers the latest trends for men, women and children, at incredible prices.

They are able to bring the latest trends based on world fashion and bring those styles to the current market. Therefore, if what you are looking for is a different style, blouses, swimwear, t-shirts, Shein is your best option. The objective is to offer high quality products with a lot of style, at low prices, thus attracting users from all over the world.

If you are wondering how to download Shein for Android, you just have to enter the Google app store, type Shein and download the application. You can also download the .ask by searching for it on Google, or from put-down, one of the best pages to get android executable. Once you have downloaded the ask to install in question, in this case Shein, you just have to run it from your mobile.

But before doing that, it is convenient to go into settings> security and enable “allow installation of applications from unknown sources” to avoid problems when installing. In this way, it is possible that they will ask you for permission to proceed with the installation, and when you accept, you only have to wait a few seconds.

Buy in Shein

First of all, you must select your country or the country where you want the merchandise to arrive, since they sell to the whole world. You must also select the currency. It could happen that the currency you want to select is not available; in this case you will need to choose a reference currency.

For example, suppose you want to send merchandise to Colombia and you cannot select the pesos; in that case you can choose another currency such as the US dollar. There will be no problem, you will buy in dollars and then the bank will automatically convert the currencies. In the same way the order will arrive, although you will need to use a currency converter.

That way you will know how much you are really going to spend. You enter the amount to convert plus the price of the item and you will automatically see it in pesos. Shipping to Spain is free if the purchase exceeds 35 euros. Otherwise the shipment has a cost of 4.5 euros. Although it depends a lot on each seller, as they can handle different shipping companies.

The design begins with an idea made by its designers. The life of an article can begin before the pencil touches paper. Most of the products are made by high-precision machines, showing great attention to detail and style. Quality is its forefront that is why some products are manufactured by craftsmen with extensive experience. After rigorous quality inspections, these products become something you can be proud to use.

Photographers play an important role. Well, through creative collaborations with models, they capture each of the garments in detail so that you can visualize them before buying. Once the products are designed and carefully packed, they are loaded into the different containers that go to the different destinations.

Customer Service and Tips

One of the best-selling clothing items are dresses. It is really a best seller in women all over the world. The best sellers are long evening dresses and party dresses. It is important that you take into consideration that when requesting a garment you must ask for it in a smaller size, that is, as a general rule if you need a size S you ask for a size M, if instead what you need is a size M you ask for a size L, and so on.

In addition to this general rule, you can also see the description of the product in detail, it is normal for the pieces to have an equivalence table where the sizes are related in letters to centimeters, inches, among others. If you have any other questions, you should contact the manufacturer.       

It is possible that many doubts arise when purchasing one of these products, but you have nothing to worry about since everything is planned to provide you with the best experience: customer service is made up of top professionals who can communicate in the following Languages:

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