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Prevail is a company founded in 2006 that has become a trend in the electronic market in Spain. It is an e-commerce platform focused mainly on fashion that works under the “outlet” format, offering discounts to users.

In these electronic commerce platforms you can buy products of numerous brands and different types with discounts and special prices, and it offers both the possibility of being able to access it through a computer and its website, as well as through its application for smartphones.

Downloading the application has many advantages over consulting via a web browser, since you can consult your products anytime, anywhere, and you can also make purchases from your mobile device.

The platform allows you to add products from different brands to the same shopping cart and make a purchase in a similar way to any other online store.

Prevail mobile app

Prevail has an application that has a low weight, so it hardly takes up space on the mobile phone, especially considering everything that can be found in it. However, as happens with other apps, the size and version depend on the device on which it is going to be installed, since it will depend on it whether you can enjoy the latest version or not, something that depends on the operating system of the device. Terminal.

With this application you can enjoy numerous advantages, among which are the following:

How Prevail works

To start your journey in Prevail, specifically in its mobile application, you will have to proceed to download it, following the steps that we indicate in the corresponding section of this article.

Once you have downloaded it you will have to register, an option that will be requested as soon as you start the app. Registration is necessary to be able to carry out purchases within the store and, in addition, as a result of registration you will receive a daily newsletter in your email informing you of current and upcoming Prevail sales.

When you have completed the registration and you are registered, you will be able to find it without any problem by logging in with your e-mail and password, with the possibility of marking it to leave it always connected, so that the device itself, and more specifically the app, will notify you when the sales of the products begin.

Once you are inside the application you will be able to see how all the brands that are currently for sale appear. In the first place, those brands that have appeared on sale today will appear, while those from previous days will appear next. Further down will be those campaigns that are on their last day of purchase and, finally, the campaigns that will soon go on sale appear. The latter will appear with the images darkened so that you do not get confused with the ones that are active.

Depending on the product in question, you can find different characteristics. In some cases you can buy several different brands in the same purchase and in others you can enjoy express delivery. Under each of the brands that are displayed on the screen you can see how much time remains for the sale campaign to end, or in the case of the next campaigns, when they will go on sale.

Remember that the sooner you go on sale, the more products you will have at your disposal, since their existence is limited.

Buy in Privacy

Once you are on the main page of the application, you will click on the desired campaign and access it. In it you will be able to see all the products they sell, which will usually be classified in different categories, so that you can find what really interests you.

When entering any product or from the catalog itself, you will see what photos of the product look like, as well as the real price crossed out and the price at which you can buy it in Prevail. In the file of each product you will find information about it. If you wish, you can share this information directly through Facebook, Twitter, and Email…

If you decide on an item, you just have to click on “Add” and it will be included in your shopping cart. In the event that it is a product with a size, you will have to choose it before. When you add a product to your shopping cart you have the option to continue looking at other products or to buy.

In any case, you can always click on your basket to access the shopping cart and see all the products you are interested in buying. Of course, from it you can delete or modify the products you consider. When you have everything to your liking and have chosen the products to buy, you just have to press Confirm purchase to start the payment process.

In it you will have to add a shipping address, although it may be the case that there is associated collection points in your city. This is an advantage since you get savings on gas

Instructions for Prevail for Android – Download and Tips

To download Prevail for Android you just have to follow these steps:

  1. First of all, you must take your mobile device and access the Google application store (Google Play Store).
  2. Once you are in it, you just have to click on the application search bar and write Prevail.
  3. This will cause it to show up in the app store results list. Click on install and wait for the installation process to finish. Once it is finished, you can access it directly from your smartphone.

What do you need for Prevail for Android – Download and Tips?

Tips for Prevail for Android – Download and Tips

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