Polish: Image Retouched For Your Mobile.

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 07/28/22 •  4 min read

Many times we find that we urgently need to do some quick editing to our photographs before publishing them. Either because we want to use a certain filter to give that special touch to the photo. Or because we want something a little more elaborate, such as adding effects, backgrounds, texts or even making a collage. Whatever editing you need, you can meet it with the right image editor, and today, the gift of questions. It will stop to recommend Polish, a very complete and easy-to-use image retouched.

The use of image editors or retouches has become as necessary as the camera application itself. Well, with the influence of social networks like integral, they have made it clear to us that a good photo can attract a lot of attention from the public. And the truth is that there are only two ways to get a good photo… The first is to take it at the right time and place and the second is to edit it. Polish will allow us to obtain good photos as a result of this second option, with a multitude of tools that when you know them, you will be amazed. If you want to know what this free app for IOS and Android offers, stay! Well, you will find all that and more here.

What is polish?

Let’s start by making one thing clear. Polish is an image RETOUCHER, not an image editor. The reason for this is that the app only allows you to manipulate photos by adding effects, filters, text, and more. But it does not have tools that allow drawing, assembling and more advanced functions.

Although this may seem like a lack at first, it really is not. Well, its lack of complex functions makes up for it with an intuitive, simple and quick-to-understand interface. So it ends up fulfilling its function of giving you a quality image, edited in a short time.

Keep in mind that being on a mobile device, the person is not expected to spend hours and hours editing. That is why resorting to such a complex image editor can be overwhelming for some users, that is why we like Polish so much, because it is made to be very efficient with its work.

What things can I do with this image retouched?

Although we have made it clear that polish is a very simple and user-friendly editor. It offers us at your disposal an extensive catalog of tools. Which cover the most basic needs you may have in terms of photo editing? We can highlight the most important in the following list…

Store effects, filters, fonts and more for free.

As if everything that the polish application offers us as a base wasn’t already enough, it contains a store of effects and graphic resources. To which we can go whenever we are in search of something more concrete. In this store you can find packs of effects, filters, fonts, backgrounds, stickers and more.

In general, you can find plugins for each of the functions that we mentioned before. So this editor can be more than it is at first, depending on what things you decide to add.

The editor also has a pro version, which, as its name suggests, offers more professional tools and features. But it is something that depends on each person if you want to pay for that version, for our part we have tried the free one and we are more than pleased with the results.

Tanner Abraham

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