Player, Lightweight Android Emulator on Your PC.

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/30/22 •  4 min read

In previous how-to articles, we have already touched on the topic of Android emulators on PC. We even made a list of the best Android emulators for PC; however, we have considered the idea of ​​delving into one of these emulators. It is Player; we did not opt ​​for this emulator because it is one of those that have the most potential according to us. Since it is currently the lightest emulator that exists, of the entire wide range that the internet offers.

Player is an emulator that was built with the intention of being an emulator to play mobile video games. For this reason, you will find that the emulator as a whole is very well optimized, knowing that its target or target audience are gamers. The reduction of lag or any performance issues with the software. It means ruining the gaming experience of its users.

However, the emulator is not limited to just having features that provide a more comfortable gaming experience for players. But it also has OS updates and compatibility with many of the mobile applications that exist in the play store. If you want to know in detail what other options and functions Player offers, keep reading, because there is a lot to cut…

Functions and Interface.

Let’s start with the important thing, what does Player offer us? Well, from a general point of view, it offers everything that an Android emulator for PC should offer. Among its notable functions we have the following:

Those are some of the most remarkable functions that Player has. As you can see, it has nothing to send to other emulators on the market. The differences it has with Blue Stacks are minimal (it is the quintessential Android emulator for PC). Except for the little resource hog required by Player to work.

How to download Player on your desktop PC?

Now that you know what Player offers us, you will probably be excited to get hold of this Android emulator for PC. To do this you must download it directly from the emulator’s official website, which we leave you by clicking here. From there you just have to choose the most current version of Player, and start downloading it.

Once the download is finished, what comes is the installation. Which if it is being done from Windows, it will not be more complex. Well, as you probably already know, installations in Windows consist of pressing next, next and install. It sounds a bit crude, but it is that simple. This process can take a few minutes, while the emulator prepares its resources and finishes loading. Keep in mind that whenever you start the emulator it will have to prepare its startup, and if there is any pending update it will ask you to install it.

That done, we only have to configure the play store. Thing that is done as from any mobile device, that is. You enter your email in the store, and it will automatically be synchronized with it. That way you will be able to start downloading the apps and games that interest you the most.

Affiliate program.

As a last point to be discussed, although it is not closely related to the emulation of Android applications or games. If we consider it one more point to consider to start using Player.

Player developers are looking for you tubers, bloggers or influencers in general. That they are willing to promote your product (The Player emulator). And in return they offer their affiliates the chance to earn high commissions.

In short, yes, not only do you have at your disposal an excellent emulator to be able to play and enjoy the Android experience from your PC. But you can also get to earn money with the use and advertising of it. So if you are or know any content creator with a number of followers, you may be interested in being part of their affiliate program.

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