Panda Gamepad Pro: How to Download and Tips

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/10/22 •  6 min read

Today’s application is aimed at a select group of readers. Being more specific those that we could call “Gamers” or simply video gamers. Well, the Panda Gamepad Pro application is an app that will allow us to map the buttons on our Gamepad (or also known as a joystick). And in this way use them to play any Android video game.

The advantages of this are very evident, because if you have come to give yourself the opportunity to play a video game with the touch screen of a cell phone. You will know that this gameplay is very uncomfortable and does not allow you to get the best performance in each game. Logical thing since smartphones are not devices designed only to play, but for other types of functionalities.

But the rise of video games in the mobile sector is increasing. It is necessary to find a slightly more “professional” and comfortable alternative to play video games on our devices. This is where the Panda Gamepad Pro app shines like never before and is presented as a clear solution to this way of playing. Knowing this, I am sure that you are very excited to meet him, so we will not extend this introduction more than necessary, we will give play to the matter.

What does Panda Gamepad Pro do?

Before touching on topics such as its acquisition, price or configuration. First we must know what exactly this product does as it relates to button mapping. In order not to get into a very technical aspect, let me tell you that button mapping is basically a way to make your Android mobile capable of recognizing the buttons of a Gamepad (Joystick, control, command, etc. There are many ways in which it is know these devices) in order to use them in any video game. In the Google play store we will find several apps that offer this mapping functionality, however this time we will focus on Panda Gamepad Pro.

Knowing what this app does, the next thing you are sure to ask yourself is… Does it work with any Gamepad? If you ever thought about using your Xbox or Play controller, we’re sorry to inform you that you can’t with those devices. These apps work best with Gamepads dedicated to mobile devices. In the market there are many of these peripherals and of various brands, among them the one that we recommend are those offered by xiaomi. Because you know… Xiaomi has the best value for money.

How can I purchase the application?

The most obvious way is to locate “Panda Gamepad Pro” within the search engine of the Google play store. Or by accessing directly the following link « Click here «. Once there we will realize that the app is paid, with a cost of 3.99 dollars. That comes to be approximately 3.60 euros. A really modest price, especially if you take into account that it can offer us a better gaming experience. Keep in mind that when you buy panda Gamepad pro you do not buy the Gamepad, you must previously obtain it from a store; here you are only buying the app, not the peripheral.

Once the purchase has been made, the app will be installed automatically and what remains is to follow the instructions that the same application provides us to configure the Gamepad, which will not take more than six minutes and sooner rather than later you will be able to start to play.

Does Panda Gamepad Pro work with mouse or keyboard?

After knowing that peripherals can be connected to your mobile, such as a Gamepad. You will surely wonder if it is possible to connect other types of peripherals, such as a computer keyboard or mouse. The answer to this is yes, however not with the panda Gamepad pro application, for this the same company behind this product offers its users an alternative known as “Panda mouse pro”. Which does allow the incorporation of a mouse (or mouse) and keyboard to the Android phone, thus being able to play or use these peripherals that undoubtedly make the performance of certain tasks more bearable and comfortable?

If you are really interested in learning about pan mouse pro in the future, we could consider writing an entry about it and dealing with this matter in more detail. But for the moment our focus in this article will be panda Gamepad pro and everything related to it.

Possible problems in the use of the app.

Although this application is supposed to be very useful (especially if you’re a regular video gamer) you have to keep in mind that it’s not perfect and it can have some bugs. Below we will talk about some of the most frequent, so that you have them in mind before making your purchase.

It is worth mentioning that these problems may be more visible on older devices, it is recommended to purchase panda Gamepad pro if you have a modern phone and have the latest versions of Android. This is a recommendation given by the developers of the app in order to prevent any of the errors that we will present below.

Problems with the app activator.

A problem that has been frequent with this app and according to the same comments from users who have already purchased the application occurs with the activator. Apparently if you manage to activate the app the first time it will work great without any problem, but if the phone is turned off it will somehow reset. Having to activate panda Gamepad pro again.

This is tedious for users for the simple fact that although it is not a complicated task or one that takes a long time to carry out. It is clear that the app should not work that way, and offer a much more professional experience without that kind of inconvenience.

Excessive consumption of RAM.

The second and last problem that is seen most frequently with this app is the consumption of the mobile device’s RAM memory. Making these run slow and spoiling the gaming experience a bit. Since the RAM memory is so saturated, it will cause the phone to drop in performance and therefore the games in the game will be seen with lag (or with some jerks).

Lag is the biggest enemy of gamers and if you have decided to buy panda Gamepad pro, it is very likely that it is to play FPS-type games or games that require real-time action, and always in these cases, lag can completely ruin the game.

Knowing all this, we can only say that the app, although it has its flaws, cannot always be like that, and can result in an excellent purchase and improvement for your gamer entertainment.

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