Mobile Games As Alternatives to Pokémon Unite

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/18/22 •  4 min read

The mobile video game genre doesn’t have much variety. Since it is difficult for a video game to have a leap in fame so that more players enter and become a sensation. Besides that it is somewhat difficult to prepare a game and be very active. This is what I mean by balancing the characters in the game, and bringing back the other characters in the game that professional players don’t use, for the simple fact that they are weak or incomplete and need something to be a good option.

Developers usually base it on which characters you use the most in competitive games or tournaments. And they draw their conclusions and add something good to the unused characters, or increase the damage to see if it changes the composition of the teams in the competitive. But staying on topic.

There are currently 4 games that dominate the mob genre for phones. Of those 4, this Pokémon Unite. And one would like to know which of the remaining 3 are good for it to be a good alternative for this Pokémon mob. Well don’t worry, because in this article I will mention a little about the 3 mob games.


Mobile Legends: Bang

Being one of the best mob games for mobiles. It has a good variety of characters in different roles. As well as game modes besides normal and competitive mode. In addition to being constantly updated to correct errors, bugs and balance patches with the characters. It also has good events with other brands, where they give you legendary skins of some well-known characters. A great example is the collaboration with SNK, making an event of the famous fighting game The King of Fighters. These legendary skins what it offers, in addition to being able to use the iconic characters of the fighting video game? You could hear the voices of the fighting character, plus it changes some effects of the hero’s skills to match the character.

This game has a good reputation to the point where it was nominated in 3 categories at the EXGCON 2019 award ceremony. And it was the winner of 2 categories, which are “favorite game of the year” and “favorite tournament of the year”. ”

It is a good option if you want a game that has a lot to offer you, interesting characters whose history you can learn more about every time you play with the character in the games.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

Being the great competition of Mobile Legends. This mob is basically the well-known computer mob. League of Legends. Only to extend to more platforms, they decided to reduce so many features so that phones can support it.

And believe it or not, Wild Rift is not just a stripped-down version of the League of Legends PC game. Since the developers gave different features to the mobile game so that it has a somewhat different experience for the players who are from the computer platform. Since many professional players thought that Wild Rift would basically be a mobile version and that’s it.

In addition to optimizing the game well to give it a good opportunity for people to try the mobile mob genre. They also added less than the amount of champions the pc game has. Being 60 champions, although the developers said that they will implement the rest of the squad that are remaining.

They also changed some character abilities and added new animations to make it mobile friendly.

They removed several things such as active items and other things from stores. But don’t worry; they gave a solution to the things they removed so that the game is comfortable for all players. Due to limitations of which a computer would not have.

But still it is also a good option to try this game.

Arena of Valor

Being the last, but not useless either. This game is basically a translated version of the Chinese video game (which does not yet have an official translation into our language) “Wang he Rongyao”. Being published worldwide in September 2018. This game introduces you to 106 heroes, each with different abilities and who are separated into the roles that everyone already knows which are Tank, damage, support and jungle. It has many game modes, but even so there are those that should never be missing, which are normal and qualifying games.

It is also a good option, and it does not hurt to try this game.

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