Mobile Apps to Kill Leisure: Roulette, Gamer and Anime Logos.

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/14/22 •  4 min read

Leisure can become our worst enemy when coupled with boredom. That feeling of not knowing what to do with your life and where laziness only abounds with every action. Although we do not agree that leisure invades your life in such a way, it is always good to have something to kill time with, it is for this very reason that today’s article was born. We are going to share three mobile apps to kill leisure. Each one with different ways of occupying your time that you probably did not know existed.

Mobile app to kill leisure with friends; Name wheel.

Gambling by nature turns out to be very fun or addictive. Especially when you can play with friends. However, with the app that we will share today, it is not necessary to have cards, dice or even a table. You just get together with a couple of friends and spin “The Wheel of Names”.

We have considered adding roulette to our list of mobile apps to kill leisure for the simple fact that despite its simplicity. The app turns out to be the most fun with enough ingenuity. Play challenges with your friends, place small bets or simply determine who gets lucky. Whatever the idea, if what you need is a random result. You will get it with this simple app.

Design amazing logos with a gamer style.

Surely you have seen those gamer logos used by official teams in E-Sports, and you have asked yourself… How could I make my own logo? Well, you will get the answer with “Gaming Logo Maker”. This app has a lot of pre-designed logos to which you can add text, colors or change the mascot or emblem of the logo.

The great thing about this app is that new designs appear every day that you can obtain and customize. So if you are one of those who like design or are looking to create your own gamer-style logo. This is a good option to consider.

At first, this mobile app may not convince you to kill leisure, due to the ads it contains. Well, we recognize that to a certain extent they can become annoying, but it is a small price to pay for the quality of their designs. If you want to get this app, here we will leave you the direct link to download and install it from the Google store “click here”.

You have bearable your leisure time watching anime.

Now to conclude this article with some mobile apps to kill leisure. We want to close with “Legion Anime”. This is an application that allows the viewing of anime subtitled in Spanish for free. With the best online playback servers that you can expect from this type of website.

Legion anime is in charge of doing what websites like Animal, Jaime or the now defunct Aimed do. Being able to bring an entire catalog to download, watch and share all kinds of anime translated into our mother tongue. For many, watching anime has become another hobby, as common as playing video games or reading books. So doing it from the comfort that your mobile device can offer is just great.

As with the previously presented applications. You can download Legion anime using the following link “click here”. This link, unlike the previous ones, will redirect you to the official Legion anime website. Currently you can only get the application through external installations or other app stores outside the Google play store.

The reason for this is because it lacks the distribution license for the amines that are published in the app. Google does not allow the placement of your app in the play store. However, we guarantee that its download and installation is completely safe.

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