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As technology and the means of communication have evolved, a popular belief has been generated regarding the expiration of the predecessor. We told you that in the days when there was only a newspaper and they invented the radio, the rock believed that the newspaper was going to disappear. When cable television, an audiovisual medium, was invented, the rock believed that the radio and the newspaper would disappear. The same thing happened at some point after the internet emerged; the rock believed that television was going to perish. They turned a popular belief into a widespread myth, because in neither case did any of the media disappear.

One by one, each medium was finding its niche, and they have all evolved together to coexist without major complications. The newspaper and magazines continue to be printed in all parts of the world, the radios continue to broadcast their signals and the television stations their programs. The internet, which has continued to function for the purposes for which it was created, has been nurtured and supplemented by other media. All of them have found a kind of equivalence within the network of networks, without ceasing to exist in their original format.

Digital magazines, podcasts and streaming services have been the answer to preserve the press, radio and television. More than as a medium, the internet has served as a tool to reach more people. Smartphones, in this connected world, are yet another tool. Television has even managed to survive with the help of them, in addition to the classic televisions and personal computer monitors. Today we will talk about MITELE for Android, how to download it and tips on using this application for television lovers.

What is MITELE?

MITELE is a live television and on-demand television platform created by the company Media set in Spain. It offers all kinds of entertainment programs and access to the content of several Spanish television stations such as Telecinco and Curator. Also other channels like boing, energy, are mad, divinity, among others. It has exclusive national television series, documentaries, soap operas and other audiovisual content. As well as international licensed content of all the “items” that we have mentioned.

The goal is to provide a service where you can watch any of these contents as well as mini series and movies as well. Being able to do it from wherever we want, on any device and whenever we want. It is basically what is known internationally as a streaming service, with the intention of satisfying the Spanish market in terms of audiovisual entertainment.

Much of motel’s content is available for free, but of course there is paid content and subscriptions. Each content that you can have, whether free or paying, has a wealth of information of interest that is convenient to know. Things like if the programs are suitable for all audiences or from a certain age, if they are available with sign language. If they are subtitled in the original version or in Spanish, the synopsis, or the date on which some content will be available.

Of course, it also has an algorithm that “calculates” according to your tastes, what other content could be of interest to you to recommend it. As well as showing the last episodes seen of a series. You have everything separated by categories and a search engine so that you can find the content that is truly of interest to you.

How to download MITELE for Android?

MITELE is available in the Google application market, you simply have to enter and write MITELE in the search engine. The application will be available for download immediately as the first option. If for some reason it doesn’t work for you, download it that way, or you want to have the ark. The ark is an executable file format that is only supported by android. They are specifically designed for installing applications.

Only an android operating system can recognize and run them properly, or an android emulator through a computer. If you search for “motile ark” or “motile for android” in Google, you will quickly find several pages that offer the executable file. We advise you to download it from the page called “put-down” because it is basically a reliable repository of executable files for android with a large number of applications.

As for the installation, once you have downloaded the ark to install in question, in this case motile, you just have to run it from your mobile. But before doing that, it is convenient to go into settings> security and enable “allow installation of applications from unknown sources” to avoid problems when installing. In this way, it is possible that they will ask you for permission to proceed with the installation, and when you accept, all you have to do is wait a few seconds. At the end of the installation it will be available for your use as with any other application downloaded from the Google app store.

Advantages and disadvantages of the service

For almost all live broadcasts, series and soap operas you can watch them for free. The small inconvenience is that you have to be patient to see a 30-second ad every 12 minutes of broadcast. And if you fast-forward or rewind playback, you’ll have to watch more commercials right after. Another important negative point is that some international series do not have all their complete seasons.

If you create a user account you will have various tools for registered users. Parental control, movie purchase management, resumption of programs that you have left halfway or create a kind of playlist. Unlike some streaming services that do not allow you to enjoy their content in some countries, you can access motile from any country. Whether through the page from a computer or from the application, the only essential requirement is that you have access to the internet.

Tips for using MITELE for Android

If you want to enjoy cable content for free and you have no problem putting up with intrusive advertising in series and movies, you can do it. But it is advisable that if you really enjoy the service, that you hire the paid service. Only in this way can you enjoy all the content without any type of advertising (unless you watch live television) and premium content such as some movies and series. You can achieve this only by paying basic motile plus which costs 2.5 euros per month or 25 euros per year. But pay attention, because if you are a football lover, motile offers you a wide range of leagues and matches in that sense:

Undoubtedly, it is a service very focused on satisfying the most staunch soccer fans, as it also offers some retransmissions of important matches. These packages are only recommended if you are one of them. If you are not, it is better that you simply pay for the basic plus service, since the variety of content on offer is wide enough. We hope that the information has been useful to you, and that you are now aware of what there is to know about MITELE for Android.

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