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By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/01/22 •  9 min read

In recent months and above all and unfortunately, due to the pandemic that has been suffered worldwide and that has made it impossible to be close to the people we love, visit them and meet up, video calls have become the last thing to be able to cope with a little better these absences.

For the same reasons, they also became essential for many jobs and even for the studies of the young people and children of the house. Basically, it became a must!

But there are friends… not everyone knows and uses it or has done it before. For this reason, although things are often taken for granted, in this we could think that everyone knows how to make video calls, we are going to try to help you and comment on the most basic steps and how to make them. Because as we say, on many occasions, things are taken for granted and we are not always right.


  1. There are basic things to know before getting down to business. First, decide with which device the video calls are going to be made. Yes, it is important and it is not the same. Because it is not the same to make, for example, a video call on the mobile, with What Sapp, than to do it with the computer through another application that you have downloaded…
  2. Let’s start with the easiest and simplest and for what is used more quickly and almost everyone resorts to it… by mobile. There are many applications, but we will also opt for the most used, What Sapp.
  3. In this case, to use it you only need the same thing, which you would use to write by instant message and receive/send. In other words, you only need a phone that is a smartphone, have the What Sapp application downloaded and, of course, have it updated. Don’t forget about connection either.
  4. You must have a connection to be able to do it (since it is not a phone call to use, the connection is used) and make sure to avoid connection problems, that you also have (you and the other members of the group) a good coverage! It is torture to prepare for a video call and see that someone in the group begins to look blurry, the call is choppy, they cannot be heard well, they disappear from the image, etc.
  5. Other things you should keep in mind. Apart from everything already mentioned, you must take into account certain limitations that are already given by the application. For example, you can only participate in the group, a total of four people. Therefore, if there are more of you… you should think about other possibilities or applications (there are some).
  6. We are talking about the smartphone application, therefore, if you plan to use the computer version of What Sapp, wrong.
  7. Knowing already the basics and what is essential, let’s do it!
  8. You must start with someone from the group (remember that you can only do it with four people maximum) and that one of you or you must open the group. The chat opens with the people you want to make the video call and add them. This would be for example for mobile phones that are Android.
  9. We also tell you how to do it for mobile phones that are from IOS. You will also have to go to the option to create a group and add the people for the video call (if I remember correctly, it is at the top). In the case of Android, it is on the right side.
  10. In both cases, both on Android and IOS, once the groups have been sent and done, the call icon must be activated. When the tab appears, all your contacts will appear, therefore, you must select the ones you want to appear in the video call (remember the maximum number of participants). Once this is done, you select it and then you must look for the option that appears a video camera. Once located, click on that icon.
  11. Finally, we will tell you the following one that you can use and that has been one of the most demanded and used (especially for work and student issues); it is one of the most reliable and the ones that work best. We are talking about Skype.
  12. As we told you at the beginning, there are applications for mobile phones and also for computers. In this case, with Skype, it can be used for both mobile and computer. It is up to each one to decide what to use it with or use it with both devices.
  13. We are going to base ourselves also, to do the same. Being able to make group video calls.
  14. We say this, knowing very well what we say. Because with this application, with Skype, there are options that are paid and that are charged. But don’t worry… to do it with video calls, it’s free.
  15. How do you do with this app? Very easy. Something obviously essential is to have the application downloaded. If you don’t have it, look it up on Google and it will tell you where and how to do it. Once downloaded, you should search your contact list. Think about the people you want to make video calls with.
  16. Once located, add them. To do this, you have to make a chat and then select the icon where the video camera appears (more or less, the same as with the previous What Sapp option).

17. In this case, you must do it one at a time. Select each person who is a member of the group (the + sign icon will appear) and when you have them all, ready to start the connection.

18. Another important and very valuable fact with this option is that, unlike what happens with mobile phones and What Sapp, with Skype, the total number of contacts is much higher. There can be in the same group, up to a total of fifty people! For this reason, it has been one of the most used applications at this time, especially for students and their virtual classes, for working with classmates, etc.

What do you need


We have told you the most used applications and the easiest ones. On the mobile it is very useful and practically everyone has downloaded the What Sapp instant messaging application. The same goes for the Skype app. In this case, it is extremely useful, because it is one of the most reliable, it causes much less problems and above all, because of the great capacity it gives when it comes to including the members in the group. Fifty people are a lot!

Others that many people also use, although for example, on Integra, there is an option to make a video call, yes. But can you imagine a video call with your boss or co-workers through this messaging application? Man… the answer is simple. No. It is not professional. With friends, young people, in a relaxed atmosphere… well yes. But neither for work issues, nor for professional issues. Of course, video calls are super useful, but also be careful who you use and how you use them. If it is for professional matters, do not allow them to see certain things.

Be careful with the setting (good lighting, that you don’t see the dirty or messy area, have a good presence…). Something that must never be forgotten is presence. Making a video call does not mean that when you are at home, you can go in your pajamas. With family and friends, perfect. But what image do you give to the boss, the teacher or co-workers? Think about your job and dress accordingly. Downstairs, quiet. Although he thinks that if you get up at some point, you will be seen. If the video call is going to be long, think better about dressing full body and forget about future problems. Comb your hair, wash yourself, clean up your room and think about whether you are alone or accompanied. If there are people, go to an area where you can be alone, where you can hear yourself well, where there is good lighting so that you can be seen well in the image.

In the event that by connection, by internet, cables, etc. You can’t do much to move to another space, and then think about what focuses the image. Remove things that can be seen, stand with your back to a wall (if there are no photographs, pictures, people, people, etc. Better).

Beware of personal photographs, people and personal items. This gives clues to the other person (for good and can also be for bad). Some tricks: if you have many things in sight or you don’t know what to do or where to stand, then some tricks that are used are to use a screen. If you can’t buy one, use for example a plain colored sheet (as a background) or plain colored paper to make it a background as well. Imagine yourself in your son’s room, full of posters or photos of his friends… it wouldn’t be very professional. Therefore, you can use these tricks. A roll paper that is of a color for example white or black. You place it on what you want to cover, fasten it with thumbtacks and quickly cover it. When you finish the video call, remove the pins and pick up the paper.

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