How to Watch TV on an Android

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Today watching television is one of the favorite activities for everyone. But there are many people who, whether for work or for any other reason, spend little time at home and cannot see it. Well, there are various applications that will help solve this problem in the few free moments they have. Some of these applications are those of television networks. The others, on the other hand, are independent of them and offer a greater variety of channels. If you want to know more about the subject, at DonHowTo we’ll show you how to watch TV on an Android.

Android apps to watch TV

Thanks to the multiple applications that we have on Android, your mobile or your tablet can make any free time you have throughout the day more bearable. Most TV networks have their own application with all the programs that have been broadcast on them. However, you can also opt for other applications, which are completely independent and have the majority of television channels. And as an addition you can also find others that will allow you not to watch TV, but series and movies. Of course, most of them require a paid subscription to use.

What do you need to watch TV on an Android?

In order to enjoy watching television on your Android smartphone or tablet, you will have to meet certain requirements to install them:

Official apps

The main official applications of television networks (in Spain) are the following:


This is the official application of the Atresmedia group. In it you can see the TV channels Antena3, La Seta, Mega, Neon and Nova. You can also listen to the radio stations Ronda Cero and Europa FM. Apart from seeing those channels live; you will also be able to watch deferred most of the programs that have been broadcast. In this way, you will be able to see each other again as many times as you want, or watch any episode or moment that you missed. Its only drawback is, perhaps, that ads appear before each video or episode.


Now it is the turn of Michele, which is the application of the Media set group. In it you will have the chance to watch channels like Telecinco, Curator, FDF, Boing, Me Mad and Energy. In addition to seeing all the programs already broadcast, you can also follow these channels live. You will have access to programming of all kinds, from series for all ages to entertainment or sports programs.

In this case, we address the official RTVE app. This group owns La 1, La 2 and Canal 24 Horus. On the radio side you will also find RNE (National Radio of Spain). Its main advantage is that, when accessing the content (whether live or recorded), you won’t have to put up with any type of advertisement before seeing it. In summary, it is an application that is easy to use, as well as being light and fast when it comes to loading content.


The latter is also an application owned by RTVE, but in this case aimed at a more childish audience. With it, the little ones can enjoy series such as Maya the Bee, Garfield or George of the Jungle, among many others. In addition, they will also be able to filter the series according to age range, to more easily find their favorites. Its main feature is that many of these series also have an English version, something very useful for children’s learning.

Standalone apps

If you want to access a wider range of channels than the free ones in Spain, you can resort to various independent applications, which will also allow you to watch them for free. Some of the main ones are:


Koi is one of the most used applications to watch both television and series and movies. In order to be able to see the infinity of channels available in it, you will have to download some additional complements, also known as Add-ons. Some of these Add-ons are already included within the application itself. Others, on the other hand, can be obtained by including their source in the application and downloading there .zip file. In addition to Android, you can also enjoy it on devices with many other operating systems.

You TV Player

In the case of this app, you won’t be able to get it from Google Play, if not by installing its APK file, which you’ll find on the official page. In addition, you will have to associate a Google account to start it. Although its main disadvantages are that in some cases the quality is not the best possible and that advertising appears before entering the content, you will be able to enjoy a multitude of Spanish-speaking channels from all over the world. You will be able to access those channels after only having entered their source in the application.

Slave TV

This latest standalone app will allow you to watch most of the channels from all over the world, both free and paid. As with You TV Player, you will have to download and install its APK file to get it. Likewise, to be able to access the television channels you will have to download and introduce certain packages or channel lists into the application. You will have these lists at your disposal on various web pages.

Series and movies in streaming

The main alternative to television is to watch series and movies via streaming. Almost all the most used require a monthly payment after the end of their trial period (usually one month). However, that payment is very profitable for many users today. Some of the most used are:


This is the quintessential application for streaming content, being the most used in the world. After the trial period, you will have to pay around €10 per month if you want to continue enjoying it. For that €10 you can watch series like Stranger Things or Marcos (among others) as well as many movies. If you wish, you can download these series and movies to your phone or tablet, and watch them anywhere without an Internet connection.


HBO is the best alternative to Netflix without moving from paid applications to watch series and movies in streaming. With Game of Thrones as the main series, you will enjoy series of the stature of West world, to give an example of its extensive collection. As with Netflix, there are also many users who enjoy this application. Of course, after the trial period everyone must pay €7.99 per month if they want to continue using it.


Now you are facing one of the most used free streaming applications of the moment. In it, you can watch both series and movies completely free of charge, from various sources and links. You will have them at your disposal in Spanish, both Castilian and Latin, in addition to their original language. To enjoy it, you just have to download the application (both on your smartphone and on your computer). In addition, you will have to create an account, or use the same one that you used in the old Pulsed (if you already used it).

Tips for watching TV on an Android

Once you have seen some of the main applications to watch TV, movies and series, and everything you will need to have those applications, the following tips may be useful:

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