How to Use Your Mobile as a Keyboard for Your Television with Android TV

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 09/08/22 •  5 min read

The remote control of the smart television helps us to write text and thus be able to find content on our brand new Smart TV. We have previously explained to you how to watch TV on an Android or how to connect a mobile to the television, as well as the way in which you can use Play View. Now, we take a step more focused on smart televisions and we tell you how to use your mobile as a keyboard on your television with Android TV.

The command that televisions usually incorporate is not particularly comfortable, since when writing you have to scroll through the screen between the different letters and it can be a process that takes much longer than we would like.

Fortunately, there is the possibility of using our smartphone as a keyboard for Smart TV. In this way we will be able to write in a much more comfortable way when searching in the application’s browser, when trying to find our favorite movies or series on Netflix or to search for a video on YouTube.

How to use keyboard mobile on Android TV

Any television that has Android TV, either with the integrated system or because a TV BOX has been purchased, offers the possibility of  connecting with the official app called Android TV Remote Control .

This is an application that allows you to turn your Android mobile device into a remote control for Android TV, with a keyboard included to make writing easier. It is an application that you can download for free on Google Play and that offers both controls through the directional pad and with the touchpad.

Once you click on a text field, the keyboard will automatically open on your mobile or tablet. This way you can write on your smart TV in a much more comfortable way.

The app is compatible with all Android TV devices. In addition, by pressing the microphone button you can use your voice to perform searches.

How to Use Keyboard Mobile on Amazon Fire TV

If you have the Amazon Fire TV device on the TV to turn it into a Smart TV, there is also the possibility of writing it through the Android terminal. In this case, the process involves proceeding to download the Amazon Fire TV app, which is available in the Play Store.

It is a free app that allows you to turn your phone into a keyboard to be able to write text and thus get more out of your device. With the installation of Amazon Fire TV on mobile or tablet you can have a remote control to control the Amazon stick. It will be enough to click on a text field for the keyboard to open automatically.

How to use keyboard mobile on Apple TV

Another television system that allows you to write with your smartphone is Apple TV. In this case, you will have to download the Apple TV Remote Control application, which turns the mobile into a keyboard to be able to write comfortably.

It is a free application that, although it is not official, makes it possible for you to enjoy that functionality if you have that operating system on the television but you have an Android smartphone instead of one from the brand with the bitten apple.

How to use keyboard mobile on Android TV on other Smart TVs

On the other hand, there are other Smart TVs on the market in which the smartphone can be used as a keyboard. Now you know how to use your mobile as a keyboard for your television with Android TV, Amazon Fire TV or Apple TV, but you will also be interested in knowing how to do it with the rest of the brands.

In this sense, it must be taken into account that some brands offer their own applications for this purpose. For example, Rook uses a homonymous app; LG opts for the LG TV Plus app, NVIDIA for the NVIDIA Shield TV app, or VIZIO for the VIZIO Smart Case Mobile app.

In those cases in which the smart television does not have any option to use the mobile as a keyboard, it is possible to buy a Bluetooth keyboard that can be connected to the television. In this way it will be easier and more comfortable for you to be able to write in the text fields, with the advantage that this entails.

In any case, you already know how to use your mobile as a keyboard for your television with Android TV and other smart television systems. In this way you can save having to go to the command and spend minutes writing by moving the cursor around the screen.

With the smartphone, this task is greatly simplified, so it is common for more and more people to choose to download the corresponding application to be able to use the mobile as a controller and keyboard.

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