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By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/10/22 •  6 min read

Researchers have discovered that visual content is processed differently than textual content, and the fact that images have a broader and more effective communication capacity is no secret to anyone.

It has been determined that the brain has the capacity to retain 80% of what we see and only 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear. All this leads us to the conclusion that we were created to react to different visual stimuli and to communicate through them.

For this reason, visual content is one of the most useful and powerful tools within the different marketing strategies, since they achieve a greater effect on people’s minds.

However, it is not enough to know what we must do in order to reach a greater number of people, it is also necessary that you have knowledge of how to do it; otherwise you will not be successful.

Although it is true that, at present, there are different tools to make any number of videos of all kinds, the ideal is that you can use the best ones. One of them is

If you have never heard of it, you have nothing to worry about. Through this short post I will teach you how you can use it and get the most out of it in the area of ​​marketing. In this way, you will be making sure to do everything in your power to catapult your brand, product or services to stardom.

In addition, you will be able to familiarize yourself with its main characteristics and the advantages it offers. So, without further ado, let’s get down to business and see what is all about;  what it has to offer you as an apprentice in the area of ​​design and marketing.

Instructions for using app is a great tool that is very easy to operate and makes real-time video editing possible. With this application you can have high-quality videos and, best of all; they will be created by you.

It is an application that you can use from your browser, without having to install it on your mobile or on your computer’s desktop. You can also use it from Drop box, through a link or directly from your camera. Also, it is possible to get a free version or a paid version, depending on what your needs is as a designer.

The paid version of is purchased through a monthly subscription and allows you to upload videos of any type, download them in high quality and without watermarks.

Among its main features I can mention that it has more than a dozen filters, with a wide variety of stickers, it is compatible with the use of subtitles, and you can increase or decrease the speed, add music, a progress bar and even draw pictures on the video.

But, in order to use it effectively as a marketing strategy to edit your videos, what do you need to know?

What do you need to use app?

  1. The first thing you should do is go to Google and place When doing so, the system will request your email, which you must enter to receive a link.
  2. Open the link by clicking on it. Instantly, you will see how a new window appears.
  3. To develop a new project, go to the New Project button and click on it. To start from scratch, click
  4. Then another window will appear where you can select what you want to record. Some of the options are to record your webcam, your screen or split screens.
  5. If you want to record your screen, click on Screen and you will be presented with different options to record. For example, the full screen some app, etc.
  6. Select the full screen option and click Select. Then on Share.
  7. In the lower bar will appear the notice that the application is already sharing your screen. To start recording, click on the red button and the application will show you that it is already recording.
  8. To stop sharing, click Stop sharing. Go back to the browser and press the red button for the application to load the video you just recorded.
  9. Finally, click on

Naturally, it is not enough to record a video for it to serve as part of a marketing strategy. To do this, you will have to edit some details. But how can you do it?

Tips for using app

When you have clicked on Done, a new window will open, which is the editing window, which offers different types of functions, such as uploading files, photos, emoticons, drawings, subtitles, etc.

On the other hand, in the lower bar, the editing line will appear. This is where you will be able to edit and cut, in case the video has some errors. To do this, click Fit to Screen. To listen to your video, click Play and, with the inverted triangle, you can move through the entire video.

Although this tool offers many advantages, to be objective we must also talk about its disadvantages. Among the most notable is the watermark. That is, when you export your video, the mark that says will appear at the top.

However, this will not be a problem if you are just starting out in the marketing area or if you have the paid version.

To export the video, go to the Export tab. Click on it, wait a few seconds until it is ready and say done. To download it, click the Download tab and double click to play.

Now that you know how to use this app, you can’t help but implement it to promote your brand, products or services. You can upload your videos on social networks, such as Twitter, Integra, Facebook and YouTube.

Actually, it’s so effective and easy to use that you won’t regret trying it. If you work hard, you can get your video to go viral and make everyone identify with what you do and want to get your products.

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Data Scientist and Software Engineer with a focus on experimental projects in new budding technologies that incorporate machine learning and quantum computing into web applications.

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