How to Transfer Contacts from IPhone to Android

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There are different reasons why we change cell phones. It may have been lost, we have been victims of a robbery, we dropped it and it was unusable, it got wet and the system was completely leaked or by the simple whim of wanting to have a better mobile phone.

Every day science and technology advance by leaps and bounds. It’s really hard to walk at your own pace. But, as we have explained before, there are unforeseen situations that force us to assume a change.

Regardless of what that circumstance was, changing mobile equipment implies transferring important information, for example, photos, Word documents, videos, messages, contacts, among others.

This could turn out to be a slow and boring process, even though there are many ways to do this today that we couldn’t count on before. In the past, so to speak, we had to go on foot. However, today, it is not the same. We have many access roads that lead us to our end quickly.

But, what if we change not only the equipment but also the operating system? In that case, things could get a bit complicated, especially if you have little or no knowledge on the subject.

Don’t let the parrot go away! For everything there is a solution in this life, even for death. There are several ways to pass your contacts. Today we will be explaining how to do it from iPhone to Android.

Don’t worry; we will be explaining the process step by step so that you can do it successfully. The explanation will be totally suitable for beginners, but when you finish you will be an expert and you will be able to advise others. So pay close attention to how you can transfer contacts from iPhone to Android very easily.

Instructions to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

Although passing contacts is a simple procedure, as there are several ways to do it, you may get confused. However, here we will be explaining some of the most popular and easy ways to do it.

The first way we will explain to you is the manual one. If you have an iPhone, your contacts will automatically be saved to cloud, Apple’s cloud. So you can have access to it and export it with all the contacts to later import it manually to your new Android device.

But, it may sound more complicated than it really is. So without further ado let’s go step by step:

  1. The first thing you have to do is set up your Google account on your Android device.
  2. Then, you must access the cloud website to sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. By doing so, the contacts tab will appear in the upper right part of the screen. Click on it.
  4. Select all contacts and click Export as vCard. This will produce a file that will be stored in the internal memory of your mobile device.
  5. After that, you will need to enter Contacts on your Android. In the upper right part you will see three points positioned vertically, that is the Menu button. Access it and click Import.
  6. Select the .vice file and in a browser choose the file that was previously generated.

With this, the application itself will allow you to select the contacts that you want to transfer from your iPhone to Android. If you will, this is the most complicated way of doing things, but right now we’ll be showing you the easiest way.

If you want to avoid all the previous procedure and fulfill your objective more easily, you can do it through an application. It should be noted that there are many apps that allow you to perform this procedure. However, we will be talking about one in particular, it is Copy my Data. This is a free app and it is available for both iPhone and Android.

Before we begin to explain what you should do, you must download the app on both the ions and Android devices. Once you have done it, and they are already installed, the next thing you should do is:

  1. Open the app on your iPhone and also on the new Android device.
  2. It is important that both devices are connected to the same WIFI network, so you must make sure of this.
  3. On your iPhone device, go to the home screen of the Copy my Data app. Then, you will need to select the “To or From another Device over Wi-Fi” option.
  4. After that, you will notice that a wizard will appear where you can select what data you want to pass. In this case, you should only mark the contacts.
  5. Finally, the application will ask you for the security code of the iPhone device. After you enter it, it only remains to select the Android device to which you are going to pass your contacts and that’s it!

When you have finished this process, all the contacts you had on the iPhone will be available on your new Android device; this also includes the names, addresses, emails, among other data that you had added to your list. That way you can keep in touch with your acquaintances.

As you can see, the process is quite simple. In fact, anyone could do it. Now, what do you need to carry it out successfully? You will be surprised by the answer we have for you. We will talk about that next.

What do you need to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android?

What you will need to transfer your contacts from iPhone to Android will depend on the process you want to carry out, the manual or the one that is done through an application.

In case you want to do it manually, the first thing you need to do is grab your Android device and set up your Google account. This is a fundamental step, what if you don’t know how to do this? Don’t worry because here we will also be telling you how you can do it.

If you’ve never created a Google account, you don’t have to feel overwhelmed. You are not the first nor will you be the last. You can do the process almost with your eyes closed.

First of all, you must go to the configuration of your device. Click Accounts and then Add Account. Finally press Google. After that, what you have to do is follow the instructions that will be given to you.

In case you want to add other accounts, you just have to repeat these steps over and over again, as many times as you want.

Following the manual process of transferring contacts, you must know some important information, such as the Apple ID. The next thing you need is to know how to follow instructions. If you follow the instructions that we gave you previously to the letter, there is no possibility of mistakes.

Now, in case you decide to use applications to transfer your contacts, you will only need a reliable app and know how to use it. We suggest you work with Copy my Data; however that is not the only application that you can use.

If you go to the Internet search engine and put “Applications to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android” you will be surprised by the large number of options available to you. But do not rush to choose just any, select one that is reliable.

What makes an application reliable? The first thing is to look at the score it has. This says a lot about the application, if you see that it is very low and that it also has many negative comments, then it is best not to download it.

On the other hand, take a look at the number of times it has been downloaded. If it has few, that means it is not good.

Take into account the name of the company that supports it. If an app is very successful in the market, imitations or pirated apps quickly emerge. It is true that some are very good but the opposite is also true. Some even damage mobile devices.

So do not let yourself put cat for hare. Make sure that the application you are going to download is the original one, the one sponsored by the original company. Save yourself the bad experiences you may live.

These are some of the things that indicate whether an app is trustworthy. Take them into account when making a download.

Tips to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android

As we stated at the beginning of this article, there are several ways to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, but we only talk about two ways to do it. If neither option seems easy to you, don’t throw in the towel. In other words, don’t give up.

There is always the alternative of entering the Internet and researching about it. Maybe there you can hit the target. For example, you could use the cloud to do the transfer. In fact, you can also get the step by step so you don’t miss any details.

You could also choose to transfer contacts by importing them into Gmail or exporting them to Gmail via iTunes, although for many, the latter option can be a bit frustrating.

However, the decision of how to carry out the task of transferring contacts from iPhone to Android is in your hands. It should be noted that the process can also be reversed, that is, from Android to iPhone, but it does not mean that it is the same procedure.

Regardless of which one you choose, we recommend patience and a nearby WIFI network so that you can take advantage of its good signal and thus do it faster.

There is always the alternative of entering the Internet and researching about it. Maybe there you can hit the target. For example, you could use the cloud to do the transfer. In fact, you can also get the step by step so you don’t miss any details.

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