How to Remove Android Apps

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Something very common with mobile phones is downloading applications or downloading some because of “let’s see how it goes” and then it turns out that it’s not what you expected, that you didn’t like it or directly, you start accumulating applications and your phone starts to slow down and you run out of free space. That is one of the most frequent and common things…

Until then, good. We don’t think you will have any problems. It is as simple to download the applications as going to the app play store icon and there, you download what you want. The problem for some and some comes when uninstalling an application. How do we delete it? The problem is that many of you believe that if you delete the folder, file or application, it has been completely deleted. Error… The fact that the icon does not appear does not mean that you have removed it from your mobile phone.

We will help you solve it or explain some shortcuts to make the removal process less burdensome (especially if you have many downloaded applications). This is not for IPhone, in this case we are going to focus only and exclusively for Android.

Instructions for removing Android apps

  1. One thing to keep in mind is that you have probably noticed that many applications and programs come as standard on your mobile phone. That is, when you bought the mobile, they were already installed. But what if you don’t care or don’t use them and don’t want to waste space?
  2. In some cases, we are sorry to tell you that you will not be able to eliminate them… not for nothing, nor because you do not know how to do it. It is that directly your phone comes by default, with them installed and you will not be able to eliminate them. Therefore, you will have to “forget” that they are there but you will not be able to do much more. In other cases, luckily, although you will not be able to eliminate them, they will give you the option to disable them. At least, with this option, you will not be downloading updates and they will take up less free space on your mobile.
  3. Taking into account that the options that we are going to tell you will also vary a little depending on the model of your mobile, but broadly speaking, it is usually similar in almost all of them. To make the changes and/or delete or disable, you will have to search for the applications. Once there, go to the option: settings.
  4. From here, the applications will appear and you will have to be the one who looks at the one you want to delete one by one. It’s a bit cumbersome and will take you a few minutes, but there’s no other way to do it. So take those few minutes and go app by app. If you have already seen which is the application that you do not want to have on your phone, click on open application. You should be given the option to uninstall or remove.
  5. Hit that option to remove it. There are two possibilities here: if the option to delete appears, perfect. You give it and it will take a few seconds to be eliminated. At that point, you would no longer have the app on your phone, it would be deleted. But there is the option that you cannot remove it because it is already installed and comes standard on the phone. At most, you can disable it. If you are not interested, you give the option to disable. But you will have to always have it there on your mobile.
  6. The options that we mentioned before that it is not valid for all smartphone models but that you can try it (because maybe in your model if you can) is to skip all the previous steps and make it simpler and more comfortable.
  7. It will be enough to take the application that you no longer want to have, click on it and take it with you. That is, you drag it and take it to the top screen. What is known as the drawer? This would only work if you get the option to delete the applications. In that case, as soon as you drag it up, you should get the delete option. It will be enough to continue dragging and you take it to that drawer. You release it either it would appear directly as deleted or it may be that they ask you if you want to delete it. In principle, it would already be and you will have saved yourself from having to do all the previous steps.
  8. Other variants and options(for all tastes). From Google play you can go directly to the option of your games and applications. You go there and look at the menu everything you have downloaded from Google play.
  9. If you are observing you will see everything that you already have installed on your mobile phone. Now, all you have to do is look at the list of applications and click directly on the application you want to delete. Click on it and hit delete or uninstall.
  10. Another option that will be very useful if, for example, you are one of those people who download a lot of games from Google play or an app to retouch photos or a lot of filters (or see the apps that are).
  11. The point is that, if you download a lot of apps and you don’t want to waste a lot of time having to go folder by folder and delete them one by one, you have a possibility that makes this step much faster. To do this, you can download the manager application from the Google play store. You download it, install it and then every time you want to delete several applications you will only have to open this application and directly click on all the folders you want to delete. You will notice that each application is marked with a cross, so you do not get lost or confused. Then, you will only have to give the option to delete and at once, all the folders that you marked (and that were marked) will be deleted.
  12. This is extremely useful if, as we said, you are one of those people who have a considerable number of little programs, folders, applications, and so on. It will save you a lot of time.
  13. These entire options eye, we emphasize that we are saying it for smartphones that are Android. Not for iPhones. Each terminal has its method or a different system. For those of the Manzanita, you should look at another article.
  14. We have explained in the most concise and simple way possible how to delete applications and also shortcuts to waste as little time as possible for this process. But maybe you still have the question of what it is really for disabling an application or what improvements we get by doing so.
  15. Well, we explain a little the most basic. Applications that cannot really be removed from the phone are disabled. Because the brands have decided for X reasons, that they must be included and there will be no options to remove them from the phone. So, if they cannot be removed, eliminated, or erased… What do we do? What we told you, the option is to disable.
  16. What can we get with this? On the one hand, it is achieved if the application is not used (we are talking about downloads or applications that do not interest you, that you do not use…), get rid of having to update it or, if it updates itself and you do not find out This in this case would be more of a nuisance, because the update will be spending storage space on your mobile, it will be spending battery and even data if you use it at that time. Therefore, if you do not use it or are not interested in it, disable it. Don’t be scared in case you regret it either.
  17. What happens if after a while you want to get it back? Well simple. Repeat the previous steps again but do them in reverse. You access that application again, but of course, instead of disabling (which you will see that this option is already activated) you give it the other way around, to enable. In this way, you will have it available again.

What do you need to delete Android applications?

Tips to remove Android apps

Practically any Android device that we buy if we look at the applications, we will realize that there is more than one application that is consuming battery, space and even (and the worst) data and money, with something that we neither use nor care about at all . Unfortunately, not all of these applications can be removed… but at least there are alternatives to not using them. Goodness. They are there, present, you will see them… but they will practically be a puppet.

For this to happen (or not) you must activate the permissions, disable, enable, block or delete. Just as important will be not to make updates, such as removing them directly or disabling them.

The same thing too, it is very useful if you are one of those who try countless applications, but then you forget about them and stop using them (think that they are there, taking up space, they are updated, they waste battery unnecessarily…) for that reason, yes your mobile has the option to sneak certain data, it is worth looking at it, activating it and taking a look at it. If you see that you have not used certain applications for a long time, go through them and think about deleting them. If there are many, there are options that will help you eliminate them all at once, without having to go one by one. Very comfortable and much faster.

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