How to Record Calls on Android

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The Android device to be able to do something that more and more people use, the famous call recording, allows you to do it, but it does not allow you to have your own application.

We explain ourselves better. Can calls be recorded if you have an Android device? The answer is yes. But for this, you will have to download an application. You cannot do it directly from your own mobile phone. It’s clearer now, right?

The calls or the recording of the calls made to your mobile phone or that you yourself are going to make, can be made for thousands of causes and reasons. We are not interested in why; we are only going to tell you the options you have to be able to achieve it. Because, although many resist or believe that, if they can have it directly on their own smartphone, that it comes from the factory, it is not true and it is not like that.

There are also many, many options, but most or almost all of them are either not valid and make you waste your time or they turn out to be paid.

First of all, we warn you that in general, no mobile phone comes with the program or application to record calls already installed. At least not the most famous ones, because if they have tipped us off and you can browse it on the net, that a specific brand of mobile phones is the only one that has it. It is the Xiao. There are also other brands like Huawei that if you dig a little inside and change options in its interface, maybe you can manage to make the recordings without having to download any application.

In the same way, something very important that must be taken into account is that these methods (record calls) is something that our country is legal (but it is not the same in other countries) and although it is true, it is not a practice illegal, if it should be noted that you can only listen to those calls and conversations yourself. If you distribute them to another person or another person, without the consent of the recorded person, listens to them, then you would be messing it up. In general, if you do not want to see yourself involved in a mess, either tell that person that you are recording the call or just keep the secret to yourself. Do not spread it or tell anyone to avoid problems.

Instructions to record calls on Android

  1. If you have decided to download an application to be able to record phone calls, we will tell you about some of the most useful ones. You will only have to download the application and try the application that you like the most.
  2. The ACR application: The arc application is one of the best known to be able to record calls. This for example is free; you will not have to pay anything if you want the basic version. And we say that because if you want the premium version, you will have to pay a fee of almost two euros. The differences, for example, among others, are that of being able to upload the recordings to the cloud.
  3. Once you have downloaded the application to your mobile phone, you will have to accept certain permissions that will be requested. You’ll need to give them permission as well so they can access your recordings and calls. Otherwise, you will have problems or you will not be able to record from scratch. Next, you will have to activate the option to record calls. Then, it will simply be enough to make the call and you will see how the recording of the call comes out directly. It is quite intuitive. You will be able to see the calls that you have recorded, saved, you can listen to them, share them, add comments or delete them.
  4. Another application is the call recorder: It is also a very intuitive and quite complete application.
  5. Like almost all applications (if not all), the first thing you will have to do as soon as you download the application to your mobile and it is downloaded, is to accept all the permissions. As always, it will ask you to access your phone, calls and recordings. To start with, making calls and recording them will simply be enough to activate and record the call.
  6. With this recorder you can make different types of formats that are between wav and mp3, and even save the conversations in Google drive and/or Drop box. This is quite useful so as not to save all the recorded conversations on our mobile and, in the end, fill the memory capacity of our phone.
  7. Another equally valid option is Call recorder: It’s also easy to use, you don’t have to pay anything to use it and you can make different types of recordings. It is one of the most famous and useful call recording apps. For example, between the different calls and their recordings, recordings can be made only of specific people, or all the calls you receive can be recorded directly. You can also see all the calls that are being recorded or that have been recorded. You can then transfer the recorded calls to your own What Sapp as a conversation, to your email, to the cloud, etc. The most remarkable thing about this app is the option to make notes and/or details. It is very useful, for example, to record what they are in the recordings, or put dates on them, etc. That way they are easier to find and know what they were.
  8. The negative part of this app, to say the least, is that the volume is not too high. You will see that the recordings are generally low.
  9. Now to be able to make recordings it is practically necessary and essential to have to download one of the many call recording options because you can no longer make recordings directly from your mobile. It wasn’t that long ago, about a year or so ago, that Google decided to remove or block that recording option. This happens especially in Android 9 foot. In general, there are people who try it and can make some changes and try it, but just in case we already warned that they cause problems and that in most smartphones the option no longer exists because it is blocked. They have done this because, as we have already mentioned, in Spain, for example, it is not illegal, but in other countries, it is. Therefore, they cover their backs and block it.
  10. If you have a Xiao brand mobile phone, you can look and go to the settings option and from there, go to the call recording option. If it gives you the option and you can, look to configure or change the call options that best suit your needs and what you want. Maybe you get the option to record and you have already succeeded.

What do you need to record calls on Android?

Tips for recording calls on Android

One of the advantages of these applications to be able to record phone calls on your own Android mobile is that most of them are free. There are paid ones, obviously. That, in general, they will do the same job as the free ones, but with some extras or fancy things that are not essential either. It is the fate of Android devices. Since, for example, in the case of the iPhone, practically all the options are through payment. There are many applications like: Install bravos, etc. Of course, as we said, all paid.

With iPhone, recording calls is not as easy as it is with Android, for example.

There will always be the most archaic options, but just as effective as in an emergency or need, they will get you out of trouble. How to do it? As it has always been done: a mobile phone and a handheld recorder. Have the recorder, a tape, batteries and press play. Plug it in and record the call. It is not the most modern, but just as useful and the call will be recorded without problems. Another option to record it too (and just as archaic and/or rudimentary) would be to connect the computer’s microphone, give the computer recorder option and record the call. Then you save the audio on your computer and that’s it, the call would already be saved.

We repeat and emphasize that being able to record phone calls is fine and can be very useful. But in many countries the recording of calls is illegal, if we travel and continue with this option on our mobile phone, be careful… and in Spain, for example, it is not illegal to make recordings. But be careful, because doing according to what things, yes. You can make the recordings for yourself. But you can’t let someone else listen to the calls, nor can they be forwarded, sent, or copied, nor can anyone see and/or hear anything. Of course, if the recorded person gives her consent, there is no problem. But if the person whose call has been recorded does not know it, it is illegal and even if they find out, they can report you because you are committing a crime.

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