How to Make Money on TikTok

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 09/04/22 •  5 min read

One of the most famous social media apps in the entire market has been gaining a lot of fame almost at the end of 2019. So much so that today, this app has +30Million downloads according to play store. And would you believe me if I told you that this app can help you get money? Well, it’s true, like other social networks like Integra from which you can earn money, TikTok is no exception since its fame has been increasing as the weeks went by, and the more people are using this app, the brands will have to famous TikTok users targeted.

Anyone who enters this app cannot earn money…. Still. It takes time for the videos you post to gain views and your followers to increase so that one or another somewhat famous brand wants to sponsor you. If you are going to start uploading videos with the simple objective of making money, it is not going to work. It is better that you do it for fun, who knows if one day one of your videos will get a lot of fame. Because if you are not going to be uploading many videos taking advantage of trends and they will see you as if you were desperate.

How to make your videos have more views.

One of the most recommended ways is to use the hash tag (#). Since that makes more people find your video, they like it and that makes the video be in the highlights. You can also do the odd challenge or challenge that is trending. Since people who want to see videos about this trend, will be able to meet yours, and if they like it, they will interact with the video such as sharing it and following you so that they see more of your videos.

Other ways is that you promote your TikTok on social networks, such as twitter, and also use the # so that they have more impressions. Remember that TikTok fashions happen quickly, that is, a challenge can last 1 week or less. And it’s not just that your videos follow the trends and thus you can gain some fame. You also need to have some charisma, so that you can please the viewer and not make them feel uncomfortable when they see your TikTok that is one of the most important tips you need to know if you are going to be uploading TikToks.

How to earn money.

One of the recommended ways to earn money is thanks to TikTok, it is when you have a decent number of followers and upload some videos promoting your YouTube channel or your Integra. If they subscribe to your YouTube channel, and you keep it a little active, you can unlock the function of monetizing them, and with that you will earn money every time people watch your video that is already monetized. Also, the more views your videos have, the YouTube algorithm will be recommending them on the home page, making more people see your channel.

And on Integra, it may not seem like it, but you can earn money. Well-known brands look for accounts that have influence, that also have charisma, and that have a good number of followers, so that they can contact you and promote their products. Of course, you will have a benefit, in addition to receiving the money for the promotion; maybe you will receive some other gift from the brand. And all this thanks to the fact that your Integra account became famous. Thanks to you promoting her on TikTok. And you can choose which of the 2 you prefer to use either Integra or YouTube.

What you don’t have to do when you’re famous

When your TikTok, Integra and/or YouTube account have a large following and you have brands sponsoring you, that’s when you can be considered famous. And that’s when you need to be careful, both with what you upload and what you say. Since it is when your opinion does matter and it is reaching more people than before. If you say or do something that is not very well seen morally, people have the right to attack you, making the problem more famous and seem to never stop.

That’s why being famous is not something very easy, you have to know how to make your moves before the worst happens to you, like losing everything you’ve worked for. Besides that they will recognize you as the person who lost his fame for doing such a bad thing. But there is also the other side of the fame coin. And you can have people who support you. And by earning money thanks to TikTok, you will be able to solve the financial problems that you have had or that you may have, and you will be able to buy some small luxury such as new clothes, telephone and etc.

Tanner Abraham

Data Scientist and Software Engineer with a focus on experimental projects in new budding technologies that incorporate machine learning and quantum computing into web applications.

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