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By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 07/15/22 •  9 min read

In this era characterized by modernity, we all want to march in its wake. Being up to date implies knowing what the trends are not only in terms of clothing or music but also in terms of social networks.

Just a couple of years ago we could not even imagine to what degree we would be in communication with the rest of the world, since we only had access to analog telephony that only allowed us to make calls and, barely, send text messages.

Since we entered the world of digital, our perspectives have completely changed. Now we know that, if we wish, we can make video calls that allow us to be closer than ever with our family and friends anywhere in the world.

From our smartphone we can have access to countless social networks that connect us with whomever we want, even people who are in the entertainment world.

With them we can perform many tasks. For example, some offer you the ability to make calls, send voice notes, send messages with emoticons, and send photos, among many other things.

Many people refrain from using social networks because downloading the application would consume a lot of space in the internal memory of the mobile phone. However, technology, as always, is one step ahead of us. Some applications have been designed that allow you to minimize the space they consume in the storage of your mobile device.

Are you aware of this? Maybe not, until now. Have you heard of Facebook Lite? Surely yes, but perhaps you have wondered how it differs from common Facebook, what is so special about it. Precisely what we are talking about, it consumes less space and is much easier to download.

How can you use it? Let’s see it right away…

Instructions to install Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite has become the favorite of many for various reasons. For example, since it takes up less storage space, it downloads much faster. It is also faster when uploading photos or other types of content.

You can see the updates of your contacts almost instantly, so you won’t be able to miss any important details. On the other hand, this application consumes less mobile data, which means consuming less money, if it is the case that you do not have WIFI service available at home.

Facebook Lite is designed for areas and networks with slow and unstable Internet connection. So you will not have problems if the area where you live does not have a good Internet signal.

Last but not least, it is available for most phones running Android OS, whether it is an old version or a newer version. For these reasons and more, you will want to install Facebook Lite right now and here we will tell you how you can do it.

The process to install Facebook Lite is very simple. You just have to locate the application. You can do this by entering the app store on your mobile phone. Place your name in the search engine. When doing so, you will surely see two options, traditional Facebook and the one we are trying to download at this time.

Clicking on the Facebook Lite option will start the download of the file. Installing it is the next step, which will be done practically immediately after the download is finished. Complying with this, we will only have to run it and test its characteristics. You will immediately notice that it was the best decision.

But if you didn’t download it through the official Google store, you can also start the installation manually, how? Remembering that, in this case, you will first have to activate the Unknown Sources option in the Applications menu, located in Settings. With this you can use it freely.

It would only be necessary to configure it with your email and password to maintain privacy. Remember that you can always enter using the same password, so choose one that you can easily remember.

After this you can start adding your personal information to set up your profile and start looking for your friends on the network to see the things you share on your wall.

As you can see, there is no complication. It is for this reason that thousands of people are currently using it. In fact, this group is not only reduced to young people, there are also adults and older people who benefit from this type of application, since they are very easy to use.

Now, do you need something in particular to be able to use Facebook Lite? Don’t worry! Keep calm! That’s what we’ll be talking about next. That way you will be well informed and you will be able to use Facebook Lite without any hindrance.

What do you need to install Facebook Lite?

As you could realize, there are few things you need. Something fundamental is to have a smartphone with the Android operating system, since it is only available for this option.

You don’t need to have WIFI service since, as it is an application designed to connect in areas and networks with slow and unstable Internet service, you can download it using the mobile data of your cell phone.

You will not need to have a lot of memory in the cell phone either, because it does not take up much storage space.

You don’t have to be an expert in computers, programs or even technology. Anyone, regardless of their educational background or age, can complete the application installation process.

As is well known, every new device comes with an instruction manual. This, with the purpose of giving it the correct use. Many times we overlook reading that manual and the consequences are sometimes irreversible.

In the same way, what you will need to do, when installing Facebook Lite, is to follow the instructions that we gave you, without skipping any steps. This will not present any challenge to you as one step leads to another. You won’t have a chance to get lost along the way.

So you have no excuse not to start using Facebook Lite right now. Since you have all the resources at hand. You don’t have to buy USB cable or other gadgets. Simply put, you don’t need anything that will cost you significant money. Nothing you need to use Facebook Lite will seriously affect your pocket.

So far everything seems to be rosy. We see nothing negative in using Facebook Lite, and even switch if we use traditional Facebook. But, could it be that there are other aspects that we have to consider?

It is always important to know the other side of the coin, to have a broad perspective, to know, in the midst of our possibilities, all the possible information. This will help us make a better decision. One of which we will not regret tomorrow.

The same is true for the social networks we choose to use. Therefore, below we will be giving you some tips on the use of Facebook Lite. So pay close attention because the information is of interest to you.

What do we risk losing from Facebook, if we use Facebook Lite? We will be talking about that.

Tips for installing Facebook Lite

Perhaps until now you had not realized that there is a difference between Facebook and the lite version. So, perhaps you have wondered what one application has that the other does not.

If you are overwhelmed by curiosity, here you can satisfy it. Since we will be talking about some differences between both applications.

For example, the interface is noticeably different. In the case of the lite version, the search icon seems to disappear, but in fact it becomes part of the blue toolbar, located at the top of the screen.

On the other hand, the traditional version of Facebook allows us to see a complete picture of what our friends share on the network. But, in the case of Facebook Lite, they are quite reduced.

This is done in order not to take too long to load. However, if you want to see them in a larger size, you can click on them and solve the problem.

On the other hand, there are also certain differences in the Like and Comment icons. In the Lite version, these are much more minimalist. Now, what about the rest of the app’s icons? They’re also much more modest and less colorful.

At first glance, it seems that the lite version was made before the full version of Facebook. For many, appearance is not the most important thing. But it should be noted that there are also differences in speed when loading images.

Many users complain that it is so slow that it crashes and makes it impossible to continue using it. For that reason they stick with the full version, even though it takes up more storage space and has other downsides.

Of course, it is important to note that you will be the one who decides whether to use the full version of Facebook or the lite version, taking into account all the benefits it brings. It is reasonable to think that not everything can be perfect in this life, there will always be things that we dislike or that we want to improve.

We could try to see how it goes. Overall, the decision is not irreversible. If you notice that you are not doing well with the lite version, you could uninstall it and go back to the traditional one.

Meet Facebook Lite. See how it goes with it and enjoy more storage space on your cell phone.

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