How to Download the Google Translator App?

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/28/22 •  4 min read

Translation applications have become standard today, especially if you are one of those people who have the hobby of traveling to other countries. Or if you find yourself learning a new language, whatever the reason. Having an app capable of translating any text on our mobile is a fantastic plus. And if we are talking about pioneers in translation, the Google translator enters the scene, a mythical translator that has been operating for a good number of years. And it is precisely because of its popularity that today we want to dedicate an entire article to how to not only explain how to download this app, but also discover some of the features that it has.

Before starting the important points in the article, we want to stop to deny a certain myth that even today is held around the Google translator. And the fact is that there are those who still question its quality, calling it out directly as a bad translator. Although in the beginning of Google translator it had many errors in its translations (to the point that it was practically a meme). For these times, Google knew how to optimize, improve and polish its translator, until it became one of the best. Thus achieving the quality that is expected from some of the utilities or tools of the internet giant. With that cleared up, let’s not waste any more time, and start with the main points of this article.

What does the Google translator offer us?

Starting from the obvious, the Google translator has the function and objective of translating any text from language A to language B. It can be the majority of languages ​​​​recognized worldwide, among which Mandarin, English, Japanese can be highlighted. , Spanish, German, among others…

However, the app has managed to evolve to such an extent that it allows you to translate using various “techniques or formats” (to call them in some way). Among which stands out:

These are the main functions or translation methods offered by the Google Translate App. Each option is useful in its own way, although it should be noted that when it comes to precision. The best is the direct translation of a text.

How to download the translator?

Just as it happens with each of the applications and programs belonging to the Google ecosystem. These can be purchased directly from your app store, the Google play store. And even, depending on the mobile device, it is possible that it already has the Google translator app incorporated by default. If you want to have the app on your mobile, all you have to do is locate it from the previously mentioned store and that’s it, the installation is done automatically.

In case you want to use the Google translator on your PC or laptop, there are two ways to use this translator. The first is by going directly to the browser of your choice and go ogling “Google Translate” that way you can use the translator directly from the browser. Although it is also worth mentioning that browsers such as Google Chrome already have the Google translator function incorporated.

The second way to have the Google translator on our PC is by installing its extension in the browser of your choice. This extension can be found in the respective stores of each browser and to get there you just have to write in the search engine “Google translate extension for [Browser name]”. Among the first options you will see the one that allows you to install the extension in the browser.

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