How to Destroy the Earth in Three Minutes

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 09/01/22 •  6 min read

Hundreds of Hollywood movies are based on apocalyptic stories that are related to the extinction of the human race, either because a meteorite crashes into the planet, because an atomic bomb explodes, because a deadly disease spreads, or because of other similar fatalistic ideas.

All this denotes the fear that human beings have of ceasing to exist and that is, if we stop to think, we realize that life is very fragile and that, from one moment to another, we can go from being alive to dying and Stop living.

This same fragility has the planet Earth, our common home, which many have given themselves the task of destroying. In fact, there are currently hundreds of animal species in danger of extinction , without taking into account the large number that have already ceased to exist.

While it is true that 70% of the planet is made up of water, there is less and less fresh water to drink, which has caused deserts to spread, animal life to die and the existence of human beings to be threatened.

The same can be said for the ozone layer which has been affected due to environmental pollution and the felling of entire forests. Although some have tried to instill an environmental culture, the truth is that their efforts do not seem to give many results.

So is the destruction of the world imminent? How can you destroy the world in three minutes? Would you like to know? You will be surprised to learn that there are more ways than you imagine. With the help of this post, you will not only get to know them, but you will also have the opportunity to decide what to do to contribute to saving the planet, the common home of humans.

Instructions to destroy the Earth in three minutes

  1. Something that you have to keep in mind is that our planet Earth is made up of different layers, which are united, one with another, thanks to the planet’s own gravity force. The combined gravitational attraction of these layers causes the next layer to stick together.
  2. So, if you want the planet to explode into thousands of pieces, you have to make sure that you remove each of these layers and send them into space permanently. All this process is summarized in an equation that relates the energy needed to destroy the Earth with the mass that makes it up and its radius. To achieve this, approximately 10x 32 Joules are needed.
  3. The next step is to find a heat source strong enough to destroy it. However, not just any energy source is enough. In fact, if it were possible to collect all the energy generated by nuclear power plants, coal plants, hydroelectric dams, solar panels, and wind farms, you would still have to wait at least a trillion years to collect the necessary energy that allows you to carry out your task.
  4. To speed up the process, you could use radioactive energy generated by the sun. However, there is no machine on the planet that facilitates this work. Therefore, you would have to use solar panels located around the entire Earth and working at 100%, which implies taking 18 million years to collect the energy necessary to destroy the planet.

What do you need to destroy the Earth in three minutes?

So far, we’ve seen that to accomplish your goal, you need to find a large enough power source. However, if you were to find it, it would have to collect that energy, and that process would take much longer than you can live.

Therefore, you also need to count a number of followers, who share your same ideals, from generation to generation, until the necessary amount of energy is gathered.

All this shows us that it is humanly impossible to destroy the planet in three minutes. Like any process, this one also requires some time. For this reason, despite all the mistreatment that the planet has suffered, it continues to exist. In addition, we must not forget that it has different systems that allow it to regenerate and continue to support plant, animal and human life.

However, if human beings continue in their efforts to exploit their resources to the maximum, without helping them in their regeneration process, it is likely that in a few years, there will be no room for tomorrow.

Tips to destroy the Earth in three minutes

Instead of wanting to destroy the Earth, a laudable task would be to save it. There are different environmental groups, which have the purpose of devising different strategies for the preservation of the planet and the human race.

If you want to do your bit in caring for the planet, these are some of the things you can do:

  1. Avoid using cars. Instead, choose healthier mobility alternatives, such as walking, using public transportation, riding a bike, etc. this will help improve the quality of the air with which we fill our lungs.
  2. Make a conscious use of water. Avoid its waste.
  3. Plant a tree. This action is the equivalent of sowing oxygen and contributes to the fight against the effects of climate change.
  4. Avoid food waste, so you will contribute to the health of the planet. Something that will help you achieve this goal is to plan a weekly menu and follow it when you go to buy your food.
  5. Consume local and seasonal products. When we buy food that is not, it involves large energy expenditure, not only in transport, but also in the refrigeration chambers for its conservation.
  6. Apply the three R’s of recycling. That is, reduce, reuse and recycle. In this way, you will avoid unnecessary expenses and save the planet.
  7. Replace your light bulbs with LED lights. These are not only more efficient, they also last longer and are more environmentally friendly.

If you put these and other recommendations into practice, you will be sure that you will be contributing your grain of sand so that the planet remains healthy and beautiful for your enjoyment and that of future generations.

Tanner Abraham

Data Scientist and Software Engineer with a focus on experimental projects in new budding technologies that incorporate machine learning and quantum computing into web applications.