How Can I Unblock My Hotmail Email?

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/12/22 •  3 min read

What do we do when one of our Hotmail accounts is blocked? Hotmail is one of the most used services for those who use sites like YouTube, Google+, or programs like MSM and Skype, among others. For this reason, email is an extremely important tool for those who need to navigate these networks or use these programs that require compatibility with Hotmail. To know how you can unlock your Hotmail email here we have the solution.

Instructions for how to unblock my Hotmail email

  1. In case you have an account linked to your Hotmail email account, the first thing you should do to recover your account after it has been blocked is to enter the “Windows Live Solution Center”.
  2. Type in the box above the full Hotmail email that has been blocked.
  3. At the bottom put the alternative email address and then the catches indicated in the box below and click next. You will see that there is a page, on this page you must enter all the possible information that you remember from your Hotmail account in order to unlock it.
  4. Once you have entered all these data, then it is time to send them with the “Submit” button button that you will see there when you finish filling in the boxes.
  5. Wait 24 hours for you to be able to access your unlocked Hotmail email.
  6. In case you are unable to access your Hotmail account because you have lost your password, then below where you need to log in there will be an option in case you are unable to access your account. You will see options for problems related to the one you have, for example, if you lost your password or username, choose the one that is related to you.
  7. Choose if you want them to send an access to your phone number or to an alternative email so that an access code is sent to you.
  8. You can also select a security question and by answering it you will be able to choose a new password and you will have access to your Hotmail account.

What do you need to unblock my Hotmail email?

Tips to unblock my Hotmail email

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