DS Emulators for Computers

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 07/30/22 •  4 min read

The “DS” handheld console was kind of advanced for the time it came out. At the time there were several portable consoles, the only defect is that they not only had an added game, as is an example of “Game & Watch”. There were also portable consoles like its previous one, which were the Gameboy. Something that revolutionized, going from games with few pixels and that normally had a single color to have more pixels and that the colors were different.

Keep in mind about the history of the Gameboy, since the first one was the classic one, where the colors were gray and the graphics of the games were good for their time. Then Color came out, which is a part 2 of the classic, only this time the games had a little more color. And the last one, which was the Advance, is now the improved version of the previous ones. Having even better animations, graphics and colors.

Currently it is almost impossible to find these consoles in the markets since they were discontinued a while ago in order to concentrate on later/current consoles, and if you do find one it might be at a high price.

And that is why emulators are here, and in this article I will explain about DS emulators for computers.

What are they?

This is a software that is designed for both mobile phones and computers so that the user can enjoy different games that are either difficult to find for the console, or that they cannot because they have already become impossible. The only requirement that must be met is that you need the emulator you download to be the same as the game it is compatible with. Since there are several games that couldn’t jump to multiple platforms and consoles because they weren’t famous enough to spread. They can do it anyway.

The weight they have when downloading them can vary, although it all depends on which emulator you are going to want and what type of software you are going to download. Since several can offer you extra things that in the end can be interesting. Although in the end these are only secondary and do not affect the gaming experience.

Best emulators


Although its name is very strange, it is still one of the best DS emulators to download. Being something light and that is constantly being improved in order to satisfy users. It is also that this emulator can run almost all the games on your console. It has its configurations in order to make the game experience better, if your computer does not have good characteristics and does not support the games. Being able to configure the emulator to run the game depending on the tilt of the screen it is on or how you want to have it.

And best of all, it can be used on both computers that have the Windows and Mac operating system. The only disadvantage of this emulator is that there may come a time when the frames drop, although that will depend on the computer settings and the emulator settings.

No$GBA Emulator

This emulator can be considered as the third best option, since in addition to being able to run all the Nintendo DS games, it can also do the same but on the Gameboy Advance console and even better, in good graphic quality for people who they want to play in good quality.

This emulator can work well even on the computers which have poor components or are just low-end, making it work fast for both mid/high-end and low-end ones without any problem.

The downside of this emulator is that it is exclusive to computers that have Windows as their operating system. Meaning Macs don’t work if you decide to try.


Just like the previous ones on the list, this emulator is a great recommendation and even more so for people looking to play Nintendo DS games and has the choice to play with other players. This emulator can offer this; you just need to have a wife connection to play with your friends and family.

As interesting features, this emulator uses the resources so that the player can enjoy the games in the fastest and most efficient way.

And it is available for Linux and Windows operating systems.

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