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There are hobbies that can be considered quite common, that perhaps we all want to do but not all of us can, due to how expensive they can be. Clear examples of this are golf, karting, tennis… It is true that you can enjoy it for reasonable prices to recreate yourself from time to time. The point is that the more seriously you take it and the more time you want to invest in it, the more expensive it is proportionally.

Traveling is not a sport, but we make the comparison because it is, without a doubt, an expensive hobby that demands more the more you want to travel. Of course, saving considerable time, it is not unreasonable to get a ticket to visit that paradisiacal place that you have wanted to go to so much. But if you want to visit a good handful of other places in a matter of weeks or months, the budget you require to do so can skyrocket.

That is why it is something that is expensive, and it is something that we all want to do. Whether it’s because of the climate, the architecture, the landscapes or the cultural idiosyncrasies of a place, there is always a place you want to visit. What we can learn during travel can nurture us in a higher way than just on a cultural level. We can learn things from the experiences of the trip more than from the destination itself.

The numbers of positive things that can be derived from traveling are innumerable, and the greatest interest that precedes thinking about them is the price. Then you have to look for the best deals to save as much as possible on the cost of the ticket. There are many online platforms that offer the best alternatives in terms of flights. Today we will talk about dreams for Android, how to download it and tips on its use, which is related to helping you in this purpose.

What are dreams?

It is a powerful online travel agency in many countries around the world, offering flights from dozens of airlines with thousands of different options. In addition, it also includes information and packages where they include prices of hundreds of thousands of hotels in around 225 countries. The company emerged in the year 2000, its first headquarters were established in the city of Barcelona, ​​​​being the first to offer these services in Spain. It currently has offices in 31 countries around the five continents, and in the global market through the international page. Dreams offer flights to thousands of different destinations, with an excellent price range.

One of the advantages of the platform is that it offers quite useful cancellation insurance. In other words, in the event that for any unforeseen event you have to miss your flight, you do not have to lose the money invested. That and in other cases where you don’t miss the flight but something happens in the process. They can cover you in cases of serious illness or accidents, the holders or relatives up to the third degree of kinship. They can also cover you in the event that you are not granted a visa for unjustified reasons or for any other reason described in the policy. Not to mention flight delays among other coverage.

How to download dreams for Android?

The dreams company offers a mobile version that can be downloaded directly from the Google app store. You just have to write “dreams” in the search engine of the application platform and it should appear as the first option. Likewise, to verify that it is really about it, just look at the reference images of the app, and see if they promote flights.

If not then you also have the option to download them by searching for the .ask in the browser. It is an executable file in a format that is specifically designed for installing applications on android. Only an android operating system can recognize and run them properly, or an android emulator through a computer. If you search “dreams ask” or “dreams for android” in Google, you will quickly find several pages that offer the executable file. We advise you to download it from the page called “put-down” because it is basically a reliable repository of executable files for android with a large number of applications.

As for the installation, once you have downloaded the ask to install in question, in this case dreams, you just have to run it from your mobile. But before doing that, it is convenient to go into settings> security and enable “allow installation of applications from unknown sources” to avoid problems when installing. In this way, it is possible that they will ask you for permission to proceed with the installation, and when you accept, you only have to wait a few seconds. At the end of the installation it will be available for your use as with any other application downloaded from the Google app store.

Payment methods in dreams for Android

The company accepts all available credit cards that are visa or MasterCard both through its website and through the application. The important thing is that you must bear in mind that if the payment is made in foreign currency you may be charged a commission for it. The foreign currency is determined based on which country you have registered in your account and which payment method is the main one.

If you are going to use a debit card, it is also advisable to keep in mind that some banks charge an additional fee. This charge varies depending on a percentage of the flight you book, and will be refunded to your account after a few days. Not all banks do, so it is good that you investigate yours.

Tips for using dreams for Android

You must be clear about where your flight will be from and where you will go, because perhaps by changing these two places a little, you can save money. These two variables can save you a lot of money if you do a good job of researching where you will start from and where you will arrive. Well, suddenly a couple of cities near the real destination save you a few dozen euros, sometimes hundreds. This is something that you should already do on your own if you are farsighted, but the dreams platform can do the job of choosing an airline.

Well, within the service they have an algorithm that analyzes and weighs the offers of many airlines between airports to offer you the best option. Everything in relation to quality, but above all to price, although you can establish certain parameters. You should also take advantage of the discount coupons that are sometimes offered from the app, especially when you use it for the first time. But the flight is not the only thing you should analyze.

You also have to research the hotels in the area you are going to travel to, and the transfer methods you will use. All these variables together add up to a large amount of money that you can end up spending, or saving, depending on your selection. We are talking about the fact that together you can save hundreds of euros, sometimes even without sacrificing much in luxuries and quality of services. You only have to weigh between the offers presented by the platform and what you want to enjoy on your trip.

Keeping these tips in mind, we are sure that you will get the most out of dreams for Android. And that soon you will enjoy knowing those places of your dreams, at the best possible price.

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