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By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 09/01/22 •  7 min read

Currently, as is known, in the situations that we are experiencing throughout the world, it is essential not only to be vaccinated, but also to have the papers that are required in certain countries. All this depends, a lot on each country, each autonomous community, etc. But broadly speaking and for the moment, things that are already basic are the vaccine and the Coved certificate (with which it can be shown that the person has been vaccinated).

When in doubt as to whether your country requires it or the country to which you want to travel requires it (perhaps it is not a requirement but it is recommended) we will leave you the steps so that you can check it and do not get unpleasant surprises at the last minute. The most recommended options always to avoid problems with internet connection, coverage, etc. It is to download it on the mobile phone or take it on paper. It costs nothing and can save us from “earth swallows me” moments.


  1. As we told you, it is important in these convulsive times, where every two times three the laws are changing, new regulations, perimeter closures, new regulations at the entrances in certain countries, etc. Know where you are going and what you need to take with you. In those we are here to know how important it is to have the Coved Certificate that you can download yourself on your own mobile, as long as you have been vaccinated. This is very important because perhaps, in your country it is not necessary, but you have a planned trip and it is necessary to have it there to prove that you have been vaccinated. In fact, all countries should have it to be safe.
  2. Said document is actually called the digital Coved Certificate that serves the entire European Union.
  3. This certificate can be downloaded from July 1 and is entirely in digital format. When this application is downloaded to the smartphone, it will be possible to demonstrate, among other things, not only that you have received the vaccine (which some countries already require) but also something equally important, such as the results that you have been able to obtain and know if you are positive or negative in Coved.
  4. This will also serve to know if at any time, you have had Coved.
  5. It can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone.
  6. The certificate does have some characteristics, although it is obviously digital and it also appears with the QR option.
  7. As for the characteristics, what is found in all digital certificates will always be in digital format or, if you print it, you can also have it in physical, paper format. When in doubt about certain countries, coverage problems, connections, battery, etc. It is better to also carry it in paper format in case you cannot access the mobile.
  8. It is totally safe, each person has their own, absolutely nothing has to be paid, it is free and the languages ​​at the moment can only be found in Spanish and English. As we said, it is important to know that it only works for all the countries that are within the European Union.
  9. To be able to access it you can do it in different ways, for example, in the health center itself, in the center where you take the tests or, as we are going to tell you, it is faster and more comfortable, since you can do it from any place. You will only need to take your mobile phone and download one of the applications (taking into account your operating system) since it will not be the same from the Apple and/or Android systems.
  10. To download it, you can do it in various ways (which we have already mentioned) or search for the application of your health center and from there, make the necessary arrangements to obtain your certificate. Easy.
  11. Surely, for issues related to health you already have the application installed, which is nothing more than what has already been mentioned (the health application of your autonomous community) and if so, enter the App with the data requested (password and the CIP), you access, the “Vaccines and Coved EU certificate” icon will appear, click on it. All your data will appear at that time. From if you have gotten the vaccine, if you only have one dose, if you have suffered from Coved, if you have taken a test and it came out negative or positive, etc. This option is very simple and very comfortable.
  12. It is very useful to have the application because you can also see when the vaccine was administered, what vaccine it was, the vaccination card, the duplicates, the verbal communications, etc.
  13. If you want to be able to have the certificate physically(on paper) it is also very simple. All you have to do is give the download application and it will be downloaded to your smartphone in Adobe Reader format. Then you print it and voila. This option can also be very useful to avoid problems with your phone and that you cannot see it and cause problems.
  14. The certificate has the QR code to avoid counterfeits(so common) and also much simpler and faster to check. When this certificate is verified it is as simple as scanning the code and it is verified. Simple.
  15. As this method of the certificate is rather new (since July) it is not yet in full swing in applications and in many, it causes quite a few problems. Either it can’t be downloaded or the data isn’t recognized, it doesn’t work well… in those cases, it’s always better to directly download the application that we mentioned above. In addition, it will also be safer, easier to use (because you will have everything in the same app and you will not download more, also taking up more space on your mobile phone).
  16. Another fact to keep in mind is that not all Apps are the same… depending on each autonomous community; it may have more or fewer options or even cause problems when downloading.
  17. It is also important if you get an error in the download is to check certain requirements of your mobile phone, such as having free memory space to download the application and download the file. Have the updates up to date on your phone; have Adobe Reader downloaded to download and print(or, failing that, whatever you use).

What do you need


As we told you, you can go to the official website of the European Union and there, look on the map if your country needs said certificate, what it provides or what it covers. It is extremely useful and the only reliable one.

When in doubt about possible problems (damn Murphy’s Law) in which you can run out of battery on your mobile phone, that you can’t download it because you don’t have coverage or you don’t have an internet connection or mobile data… several situations that in the end can lead to a problem in the middle of the airport or in a hotel (to give examples). Therefore, having it always at hand in paper format or downloaded to your mobile phone costs nothing and can be extremely useful. Without forgetting of course to have a head and keep a safe distance, good hygiene , use disinfectants, wear a mask and not think that on vacation one can forget everything and be selfish.

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