DataQuest Review – Is it worth it?

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 04/24/23 •  7 min read

DataQuest is known for data science programs in the industry. It has four main pathways for learners to accomplish their targets. It is an effective online learning platform for online learners. In this guide, we will cover the key aspects of DataQuest.

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What is DataQuest?

DataQuest is a data science Bootcamp. It offers various courses, skills paths, and various career paths as well. You don’t have videos to watch and learn at DataQuest.

All the content needs to be read and practically performed. The contents are given in the form of digital textbooks and the structure of the writing is easy and appealing to the readers.

The main functionality of DataQuest is to invoke the reader to practically perform the task. So, until you do it, you never learn the subjects in-depth.

DataQuest works for certain people but the other criteria guests find it inconvenient to read. Just like certain people prefer watching videos to perform a practical or hear an explanation. Generally, DataQuest is one of the best sources of learning in data science.

My Experience with DataQuest

DataQuest was my introduction to both Python and data science as a whole. DataQuest has had a huge impact on my skill acquisition and consistent upward job mobility.

Data Science Internship

Roughly two months after starting with DataQuest I completed my first data project within its Data Scientist in Python path entitled “Profitable App Profiles for the App Store and Google Play Markets“, I landed my first unpaid data science internship in the public sector..

Data Analyst Job

Then two months later; only after my second ever data project, I landed my first job as a business analyst/data analyst in the public sector with a different organization.

Data Skill Statistics

My career outlooks increased as my skills increased in both data literacy and data programming.

Data Job Statistics

What are the features of DataQuest?

DataQuest is practical-oriented and consists of many features. It has paths, courses, missions, practicals, pieces of information, and goals. But, it doesn’t have video content.

All you have to do is read the information and tasks to perform the coding practicals. Once the task is accomplished, feedback is received as well.

If the codes submitted are correct, the user receives points for it. These codes are checked automatically to support the user instantly.

What are the learning Paths in DataQuest?

The paths speak about the courses available in DataQuest.

The following are the 4 paths of DataQuest:

Data Analyst in Python

Data Analyst in Python teaches the basics of Python and the essential skills for Data Analysts. For example, it teaches the ways to analyze and visualize data by using effective methodologies.

They teach Python from the fundamentals to the advanced stages. It includes knowledge about libraries such as Pandas & NumPy as well. This also consists of statistics, probability, and SQL practicals. These are followed as a separate courses in the Data Analyst Python path.

Data Science with Python

The DataQuest’s data science path with Python will guide you on all that you need to know about Python and how to use it effectively. You just need basic maths knowledge to accompany this course effectively. If you’re not aware of Python, no worries DataQuest has got you!

Data Engineer

The Data Engineer needs to know about Python and SQL. They cover all the essential concepts of it accordingly. It includes the essential algorithms and pipelines to cover under the data engineer path. They also cover the usage of libraries such as NumPy and Pandas in detail. A comprehensive working schedule with practicals is covered in detail.

Data Analyst in R

Data Analyst in R covers the in-depth usages of the ways to visualize, clean, and the essentials to work with R. There are many concepts essential for a Data Analyst.

Such as functions, strings, dates, data structures, and many more are wrapped up here. It also includes the usage of APIs, Web scraping, probability, and statistical knowledge.

Data Analysts requires has plenty of quests and pieces of information to seek and DataQuest does a great job in covering the essentials.

“I really love learning on DataQuest. I looked into a couple of other options and I found that they were much too handhold-y and fill in the blank relative to DataQuest’s method. The projects on DataQuest were key to getting my job. I doubled my income!”

Victoria E. Guzik the Associate Data Scientist at Callisto Media

What will you learn at DataQuest in general?

This course teaches from basics of Python and how to analyze the predictions for specific courses. The predictions are based on statistics and machine learning technologies.

Then, you will learn some basic ways to use your mathematical knowledge. Such as calculus, linear algebra, and probability. They would teach you every crook and crannies with coding. Even if you’re not thorough with these concepts, you can learn the needful with DataQuest.

Algorithms such as Linear and Logistic Regression, Decision Trees, Neural Networks, K-Nearest Neighbors, K-means clustering, and Neural networks are covered as well.

SQL is another basic language essential to know. To manipulate the databases and functions, SQL takes its place. This is also covered in DataQuest courses.

They teach the ways to use the command line effectively. If you know to use the command line, you can gather a greater amount of essential details and get practice with the essential commands.

The functions come in handy to accomplish statistics and machine learning activities. You will also learn the way to use many libraries of data science such as SciPy, Pandas, Matplotlib, NumPy, and Scikit-learn.

Is DataQuest free?

All the materials of DataQuest are not free. Generally, 1/3rd of the materials are free. You can dive through the free materials to acknowledge whether your requirements are fulfilled from free materials. You can also use them to know whether you feel comfortable learning with such materials before making any purchases.

You can use the free materials to outgrow a trial session to get used to the pattern of learning and know whether it fits you before making a payment.

What does the DataQuest Free version consist of?

The following are the key components in the DataQuest Free version:

What does the DataQuest Premium version consist of?

The following are the key components in the DataQuest Premium version:

What does the Dataquest Team version consist of?

The following are the key components in the DataQuest Team version:

What are the Pros of DataQuest?

There are many advantages of DataQuest as follows:

What are the Cons of Dataquest?

There are a few disadvantages of DataQuest as follows:

Conclusion: Is DataQuest worth it?

DataQuest is worth the price it offers the learners. Based on many aspects such as instructions, projects, tasks, and many more DataQuest is worth the price and the content in it.

The certification of DataQuest is not very worthwhile but it is worth it for the beginners to it to their profile. Next, the portfolio built from DataQuest is the best out of all the contents in it.

The Portfolio stands high for recruitment. Moreover, DataQuest offers the best content and effective learning pathways for online learners covering the essential aspects.

Tanner Abraham

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