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We’ve all liked those little trivia games at school, where they ask you any question and you have to answer it. Or also that we have seen those little contests on TV where a group of people have to answer trivial questions in order to win a fabulous prize. And maybe seeing that. We wanted to participate in those or something like that. Unemployment is currently not possible thanks to the pandemic. But the trivia games are still valid but on tables. But there are also the applications. And when looking for them there are a lot and you don’t know which one to choose.

It is normal that every nothing, we learn something new. Whether it’s a word we’ve never known or a new recipe. And that is fine, since it is difficult to know all the things that humanity has done. Since there are too many, and every day we find a grain of a great mountain of sand. The good thing about these apps is that you have general questions, making it more efficient to learn something new every day. And even if you answer wrong because you don’t know it. Maybe the next time I find her, you’ll answer correctly. So in this article you will get to know various trivia apps.


  • Trivia Crack: This is one of the most famous applications in this category. Because of nice and cartoonish aesthetics. Being fun to see how the different animations that the characters have. Starting with Willy. The friendly roulette, which when turned, will fall into 6 different categories. Which are general history, art, entertainment, sports, science and geography? As well as having a crown. Which gives you the help that you can choose the category you want, and it is only enough to fall there. The good thing is that you can compete with other users worldwide. And if what you want is to face your friends or family. This app has this option so you can have fun answering different questions with your close ones. In addition, the app is free and available on all mobile platforms.
  • Kingdom asked: Unlike the previous one, which is the same and comes from the same company. It is that it gives you the option of being able to answer the questions that you want, as long as they fall into the categories of the application. Apart from that you can create your own questions and share them. So that the different users can see it and are encouraged to answer it. It is also for Android and is.

More apps

  • Quiz Up: The great thing about this app, besides being able to create your own topics and publish them so that different users can answer your questions. It is that you can also challenge different players of the app in a duel. And the one, who responds better, will win more points. Until the questions to be answered are finished and one of the players has more points. And being able to search for the different topics of which you master them or know what the answers are. So it is a good option.
  • Trivia Crack 2: Being the sequel to the famous game Trivia Crack. This game also corrects several errors that could not be corrected. Questions also improve. Adding a good amount for each category. In addition, they have added several modes so that the fun of this application never ends. So if you got bored of the first installment. Maybe this sequel, you might like it.
  • QuizzLand: The most interesting thing about this application. It is that if you answer a question wrong. In addition to telling you what the correct answer was, they also give you a little explanation of why that is the answer you should have chosen. Helping even more with learning. The good thing is that the questions in this app are unlimited. So you can find any question from any category.
  • The Quiz of knowledge: The good thing about this application and if we compare it with questions asked. It is that it has the category of music, and technology. Besides that you can choose them. And if you want a bigger challenge. With each question you answer correctly. You will receive points, which are used for a list where all the users of the app are. Would you dare to reach number 1?


It’s not bad to have one of these trivia apps on your phone and play frequently. In order to increase your knowledge. Since it is incredible to learn more, especially when it is about culture in general. And of course, it’s great in case your desire to be able to enter those contests you saw on television is still standing. And be one of the few participants who could answer all the questions correctly, in order to get the victory along with the great prize.

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