Best Social Media Apps

By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 08/27/22 •  4 min read

Social networks were made to be able to interact with your friends, or even better. Meet new friends from other countries and be their friends. That is their goal, to socialize with other people in the world. And if you don’t want to meet new people and just want to talk or interact with your friends or family. That sadly you can’t see them in person since they are far away. Or because you can’t leave your house since it was decreed to stay at home due to the pandemic that we are currently going through since last year. And believe it or not thanks to the pandemic they are more famous.

With the advent of technology and computers in humanity. As time passed, the internet was created and later social networks. They were simple at the time, you just created your account, and you could add your friends and family, and have the ability to talk to them via messages. With the advent of phones. You could interact with them anywhere as long as you have internet connection where you are. And maybe you are wondering which the best social networking apps are. Well then you will see them.


Other apps

It is somewhat difficult to answer, since it depends on which of these seems more comfortable to you, if what you want is to publish videos of 1 minute or less. Tiptop is perfect for you. Or if you want to interact with those closest to you. There’s Facebook, since people can’t interact with you personally unless you accept their friend request. You just have to try which of these social networking apps is the most comfortable for you.

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