Best Mind Game Apps

It is always good to keep your brain active, the best known way is to put it to work by solving puzzles, little riddles or the old brain games. And thanks to this, you will be able to have a good degree of concentration and not be able to get distracted when a person is talking to you and you pay attention to them. In addition to that you can avoid premature brain deterioration. And better yet, you can avoid getting neurocerebral diseases that would limit you even more.

So it is really very important to exercise your brain if you do not want to receive these bad consequences. And maybe the old mind games seem boring. And this is where apps come in.

When the age of technology arrived. They had to be updated so as not to be forgotten, video games and social networks arrived to stay. The mobiles also arrived and each time they were improving to the point where it is like a small laptop. And of course, in addition to the current games whose only objective is to entertain and, believe it or not, put your mind into action to put together strategies.

Different games of different genres also arrived for mobile phones. And obviously those that are mental games or to train your mind come in. So in this article you are going to learn a little about mind games.

What is mental agility?

As its name indicates, it is when a person can solve something or do it in the shortest possible time. It’s like someone finishes doing a job or a math operation quickly and you think he’s fast. And it is, since that person has incredible mental agility to be able to solve the exercise in the shortest possible time. Adaptability can also enter. When sudden changes happen, a person usually won’t know what to do and say. Entering as in a blockage, preventing it from advancing, but thanks to adaptability, it is that you will be able to overcome those obstacles, and get used to the current changes.

Let’s take an example. Imagine someone is playing soccer. And he finds himself in a bit of a tight situation as one player is about to take the ball from him and another is also but from behind. One would not know what to do, since in a few seconds he will be about to lose the ball to the opposing team, and maybe he would do the first thing that comes to mind, which usually fails. But someone with mental agility could pass the ball over the person in front of him, overtake him, and take it again.

Best apps (applications).

  • Neurontin: This application, in addition to having the advantage of being free, is that it has several memory exercises. Which is putting you to the test with your concentration and intelligence? And better yet, since as you complete levels, the difficulty will increase little by little. Making it even more entertaining.
  • Fit Brains Trainer: This application has become the pioneers. But it does not mean that the results are fewer than the other current apps. Since it offers a large number of tests of all kinds, such as logic, which you have to answer quickly and visual. These also take you to keep track of all the progress you have made and can give you a result of what you did in a day.
  • Threes: If you’re favorite games are the numerical ones. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to use this app. You will have to solve a kind of mathematical puzzle, adding with the cards that appear on the screen. And of course, maybe you’re a little confused, and that’s not bad, since that’s what the game is about.
  • Curiosity: Having 1 million users, this app can offer you a great program that is full of tests to train your mind in the best possible ways.
  • Skills: Being a good logic game. This app offers you a wide variety of very ingenious tests, which you must complete and improve in terms of your mental agility.
  • Brain wars: The interesting thing about this game is that it has an online mode, that is, you can play with other users of this application. And face them in various tests in which they will become more and more difficult.

You can also try the genre of strategies.

Believe it or not, strategy games also help sharpen the brain. Just finding one and playing it for 1 hour will be more than enough. I don’t think its effectiveness will be the same as mind games, but it can entertain you even more if it’s your favorite game. Since obviously you will have to plan your strategies with the levels, see how you will defeat the enemies, defend your base or character. And thus be able to have victory and complete the following levels, which as you advance will become more and more difficult with new enemies that are incorporated into the game.

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