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Card apps. We have all had the opportunity to play this game at some point. Normally one knows them when you are in your school break and you find your friends playing that. There are different types of cards and thanks to that, a wide variety of ways to play this. With its different rules and ways to win. Being a good way to be able to hang out with several people or even play alone. Since there are several games of which you do not need more than 2 people to play it.

Something that is difficult to understand. It is that the cards easily associate them with gambling. Although in a certain part he is right, he does it so that he can give him some emotion in the games so that you can concentrate to the fullest. And unless the participants are funny or too close to be able to tell jokes and laugh in order to enjoy some good games without the need to bet. And maybe he is asking you which will be the best card apps. Do not worry, since in this article you will know about it.


  • UNO: It was obvious that this famous game would enter this list. And if you didn’t know, this game came to the world of technology. Being an incredible app and it is not a lie. The game itself is too much fun in its physical version. Add it to the fact that you are going to be playing it with your friends. Although in the mobile version you can compensate for not being able to play it with your friends in person, in playing with all the users of the app from all over the world. This app is still being updated, so they are going to add several events so you can enjoy this game to the fullest.
  • Card game: The name may seem a bit sad. But seeing what it contains, you are not going to worry about the name of this app. Why do I say this? Simple, is that this app contains more than 10 different card games. Like Solitaire and poker. It also has the incredible advantage that you can download the app and be able to play wherever you want without the need to be connected to an internet connection.
  • Solitaire: That’s right, the famous game that is integrated into Windows computers, also came to phones. And so that the app is not the same as the computer version, making the experience the same and boring you. It features 14 different table layouts and 31 card back layouts. Besides that it can also allow you if you want to grab 1 card or 3 cards. This app is available for Android and is.

 More apps

  • Zing Poker: If you like poker. Or have you ever wanted to try it but you couldn’t because the only way to play it is to bet unless you have the table of this game. The point is that this app allows you to play this wonderful card game. Being able to play with other users who downloaded this game and are still playing it. Or you can also play with your friends, and only they need to find this app in play store or is stores. Download this app and ready, you can play with your friends.
  • Fall: This game is known in Spain and also in several Latin American countries, it also reached mobile devices. In case you do not know this good game, it is that they are going to give you 3 cards and you have to collect as many cards as possible on the table, which are 4. The only way to do it is that with your card you grab one of the tables that are of a higher number. If you have nothing, you will have to throw a card from your hand onto the table. There are also songs, so you can earn more points.


The number of these card applications is too many. So I just wanted to add several that I found interesting for this article. In addition to the fact that there is many that is only gambling like poker and that. So the list would be only betting apps.

If you don’t like betting apps. Don’t worry, if you keep looking you can find apps that are only card games without the need to bet anything, be it play money or real money. In fact, there are many apps where you don’t have to gamble with real money.

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