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By Tanner Abraham •  Updated: 09/03/22 •  4 min read

With the arrival of modern phones to humanity along with photo apps, we are at the time when everyone wants to take a picture (portrait) of themselves, with their friends, family, objects, animals, in short, anything that catches their attention and they want to take a photo. But there is something that can stop you, and from my point of view it is insecurity. And thanks to that state of mind, it makes the photos you take, your insecurity manifest and you will think that you did not come out well in the photo. Either because of the way you dress, the place you are in or simply because of the face you have and you consider yourself inappropriate to take an Elfie.

From there, companies have taken several applications to take photos, although phones over time have been including filters in the default camera apps and when editing photos.

Applications such as Snap chat and Integra are the ones that have gained the most ground since they have more to offer. And maybe you are wondering if there is a better app to take photos besides Integra and Snap chat, because in this article you are going to know which is the best app as a substitute to these two mentioned and then various topics related to this article.

Best apps to take photos.

As I said, many photo apps have been appearing in the play store, and the more they appear, the more confusion it can give the user. Since you cannot know which is the recommended and safe app. So below you will see a list of the apps that I recommend.

  1. A better camera. This is one of the best apps and the most complete in this small list, since it offers to take photos with the 360° tool, take photos in burst mode, timer, remove unwanted objects and other tools.
  2. Camera FV-5. This app has two versions, which are paid and free, the paid one has more features that you can make the most of, but still, the free version is also good.
  3. Camera 360 Ultimate. This is good for people who have no knowledge in the field of photography, and just want to find a nice photo. Well, this app is simple, just by taking a photo you can add filters and improve it without the need to press too hard or spend a lot of time retouching.

Best apps to edit your photos.

If the problem with your photos is that there was someone who appeared in the photo who should not be. Or does it need a touch up to make it more beautiful. Well, there are the apps to edit images or photos. Unlike the apps to take photos, these offer several tools and you can take the time to make it just the way you like it without the need to take several photos, so below you will see a small list of the best apps for edit photos.

  1. Although this application is not well known, it was still able to make Google fall in love by making this company buy the app. This application is easy to use, In addition to corrections, enhancements, filters, frames and textures. It has several options for focus and blur. It is powerful and good to use as a professional editor.
  2. Picard Studio. This app is like Photoshop for mobile, since it is highly recommended by mobile editors, since it is precise, and of course it can also be used to improve your photos.
  3. Aviary photo editor. This app is a good way to edit your photos in a short time and without any problem.


If you want your photo to look great, you can use various materials that professional photographers use, such as lighting or having the venue set up. You also have to be aware that the camera settings are correct, since depending on the environment the camera settings will be somewhat different. Also, do not leave spaces in the photos, that is, if you want to take a photo, you only have to go out and try not to see what is around you in the photo, since it can take away the attention of whoever is observing it or this photo can be a bit ugly.

The good thing about these apps to take photos is that they also come with editing tools, but of course, they are the editing apps which are great for editing an amazing portrait, the bad thing is that to use it you have to know a little about editing of photos and learn to master the editing app. It’s just a matter of learning so that all the photos you take are very well edited.

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