Best Apps to Design Images

Everyone knows the fact that those images you see in advertisements and on television. They are made by a program or app to be able to design. They can be the simplest, of which they only have one or another image, some color and the text. Even the most professional. Where the colors match perfectly, the images are perfect and in high quality. It basically knows how to place the indicated color, images and filters. For it to be wonderful. And even if you don’t have the availability of a computer, you can also do them with a mobile app.

There is not much difference between image design apps and design programs that are on computers. Just precision as it’s kind of hard to design on the phone as you’re using your fingers and it might be a bit tricky for you. While on the computer it’s on the mouse. Which you can point out well if it is when it comes to putting color or cropping an image perfectly. But that doesn’t matter much, since you can master that part later. And you may be wondering, which are the best apps. Well don’t worry because in this article you will know about that.


  • Canvas: This app may be perfect for you. Since it is complete. When you register, the app will give you a short tour of what it can offer you, fonts. Images that the app offers you. Filters. Different models so you can be inspired. The only thing that bad can be. It is that the images and various things in the app are limited. Therefore, you must get the premium version to unlock all the content that the app has. But you can still add one or another image and nothing will happen like that.
  • Pixar: If all you need is to simply fix the occasional error that appears after you take a photo. This app is perfect for you. The application offers you the power to remove red eyes, adjust the dimensions or size of the images. And of course it has the tools to add text to your images.
  • Adobe Spark: How incredible this application can offer you. In addition to being able to edit your images, it also has the option of creating videos and web pages in a few minutes. But focusing on the topic of the article. The app gives you several templates from which you can use and maybe get several ideas. Being able to see other people’s creations to fill you with ideas and inspiration to make your designs even better. The only bad thing is there is a premium version of which offers even more unique templates. And the power to customize your projects. But it may not stop you, since with what the free app offers you; you will be able to make good designs.

More apps

  • Adobe Express: Obviously this app allows you. In being able to add filters. Images. Texts. And impressively, the ability to improve image quality making it look even more beautiful. It also offers you the power to improve the angles that are distorted in the images. And the famous tool to be able to choose to focus or blur the places you prefer in the image or photo.
  • Color Reference: Unfortunately this app is only available for Android phones. And what it offers you is the power to know which the best colors are and which ones to combine with the others. In addition to that it allows you to create backgrounds or even your own unique color palettes. And save them to use in future designs.
  • Rookie Cam: This app improves your camera, adding new filters. And the power to edit the images or photos you have already taken. Besides that it has the basics in image editing. You can also sharpen or blur the image. And using various images so you can create your own collages or create your own magazines. And give them to your friends as if they were a memory album.


The simple fact that apps offer more simply by paying for the subscription. It does not mean that you will have to pay them yes or yes. A good designer can work with what he has. He just needs practice to do it. You can have the best images, best filters and everything. But how can you use them in a way in which your design is in harmony with everything you put on it. It’s like a rookie mistake, but you can correct that over time. It may take you 1 month to improve your ability to design images. Sure, if you dedicate yourself every day.

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